4 types of damage that mean you have to replace your roof

damaged roof shingles

People like talking about having a roof over their heads for good reason. It keeps the rain and other harsh elements out, and it gives you a sense of respite from the world around you. Unfortunately, roofs can take damage as the years pass. Some of this wear and tear can be intense, and it might mean that you should consider replacing the roof. Here are some things to look out for that could give you clues about the state of your roof.

Cracked or Curled Shingles

Most modern shingles are built for durability in all weather conditions. However, they can still take some damage from the elements. If you see many of your shingles curling at the edges or developing cracks, it could be time to order a replacement load. Even if your shingles are relatively new, there are factors that could impact them negatively sooner than you might think. If your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation, it could speed up the aging process for the shingles.

Excess Moisture

Even in areas with heavy rainfall, most roofs can withstand moisture just fine. There are a couple of circumstances where a roof might not be able to get rid of excess moisture, though. If you notice a lot of moss on your roof, it could be trapping moisture that freezes during the winter months. This frozen surface can damage the shingles and require a full roof replacement if you don’t stay on top of things. One way to fight against this issue is to scrape the moss from your shingles periodically.

Interior Damage

The outside of your roof might look pristine. However, the inside of your home could tell a different story. If your roof sustained a lot of invisible damage, you might find some signs of this within your home’s interior. If you notice any dark patches or leaks on the underside of the roof, it could be time to do a more thorough outer inspection. Holes in the attic are a major sign that something might be going on with pests. These holes would represent structural damage to the roof, and you’ll need to replace the whole thing as soon as possible.

Asphalt Residue

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a normal part of keeping it working efficiently. Clogged gutters can lead to different kinds of water damage throughout your house. It’s typical to find leaves and other debris in your gutter system, but asphalt from shingles is another matter. If you find this stuff in the gutters, it may be pointing to a severe problem with the integrity of your shingles.

In addition to some of the damage types above, a roof can reach the end of its usefulness just by aging out. If you plan to replace a roof that just looks old or worn down, you can consider it preventative maintenance for the future. If your roof looks fine but is at least 20 years old, give some thought to replacing it anyway to avoid future issues. There could also be hidden damage there that is tough to locate.

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