9 reasons why SMS marketing will work for you

sms marketing

Numerous businesses are constantly adopting SMS marketing as the one and only method of marketing or as an important part of the multi-channel campaigns. It can easily be understood why. SMS marketing is known to have numerous benefits that most of the big as well as small brands have started reaping. You also need to know that SMS marketing is definitely a strong marketing form currently. According to www.entrepreneur.com, SMS messages are known to have a read rate of 90%. If you still do not understand why SMS marketing is going to work ideally for your business, irrespective of the business size, given below is a list of the important reasons that you should definitely consider.

SMS marketing is a proven medium

SMS marketing is definitely effective. It is known to have a huge rate of engagement, which is more in comparison to email marketing. Each and every text message also has an open rate of hundred percent and most of the people prefer reading it within only a few minutes after receiving the message. Text marketing is also known to have a high rate of conversion in comparison to most of the marketing channels. It is also a powerful as well as ideal medium, which has proved to be successful for numerous businesses.

Text messaging is popular

You cannot deny the fact that text messaging is definitely a popular communication form if you are considering the current society, especially when you are considering millennials. Almost 90% of every American adult is known to have a smartphone and 80% of them are using it for texting other people. These statistics are higher when you are considering the young generation. Therefore, it can definitely be said that you will be able to get your message in front of the right and targeted customer easily.

Customers love SMS

Text messaging is one of the best and most popular ways of communicating with people you know, but people are also constantly using it for communicating with their businesses as well. 70% of customers want their brands to communicate with the help of text messages only. Moreover, commercial texting is a service that your customers can opt for. Therefore, it can be rightly stated that when you are texting someone, that particular person has actually signed up in order to receive the text messages.

SMS marketing is convenient

SMS marketing is also going to work because it is one of the most convenient methods of communication. Most people prefer carrying their smartphones along with them all the time. If they are interested in opting into any campaign after they view an advertisement, they only have to type a particular text, which is simple and easy. This is not only going to lead to high rates of engagement, but it is also easier for people to redeem mobile offers. Every potential customer can also take their phone and redeem the offers that you are offering without having to print anything or just carry their mobile devices along. Convenience is one of the major factors that your customers are looking for and SMS marketing is definitely going to be simple and convenient.

It has an untapped potential

Making use of text messages for business communication as well as marketing is definitely one of the untapped mediums. Although a number of companies have decided to jump on board with SMS marketing, it is not being used in other forms. This definitely means that there will be not much spam and customers are not going to be overwhelmed with numerous messages. This is responsible for making text messaging a perfect choice in comparison to email marketing. It will also help you to remain unique in comparison to your competitors. You can contact the toll free SMS number in order to know more.

It is affordable

Another important reason as to why SMS marketing is going to work perfectly is because it is extremely affordable and can be used easily. Most of the messaging services are inexpensive and some companies even offer monthly plans for people who are planning to send a huge number of texts. The platform is inexpensive and also, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money in order to create the text messages. No expensive graphics have to be created. They are completely digital and hence there will be no printing costs associated. All you have to do is create your list of subscribers and send the scheduled messages to the complete list, individuals, or particular groups.

It is direct and immediate

SMS marketing is not only immediate but it is also direct. Smartphones are considered to be the body parts of people and when they are signing up in order to receive a particular message, you need to know that your company is extremely important for them. Text messages can be sent to your customers directly and you can be assured that they are going to read it within minutes. Therefore, it is easy to offer them last-minute deals. Moreover, texting is a two-way channel of communication and hence, you can also receive text messages from your customers directly.

You can personalize them

Each and every customer has a unique preference and taste. If you know the demands of every individual customer, you will be successful in delivering personalized messages, on the basis of the choice as well as the interest of every individual user. This is not available in case of other methods of marketing.

Text messages can be sent to remote locations

You need to know that all your customers might not reside in the metropolitan. One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is that you will be able to reach customers who are present in remote locations as well. This is ideal for those customers who do not have access to the internet or do not have a smartphone.


Text messages can help in saving both time and money and is also extremely convenient for not only the sender but also the user. Consider the reasons that have been mentioned above and use SMS marketing in order to reach more customers.

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