Tips to renovate your bathroom

bathroom renovation

Renovations are a bunch of tough decisions, a ton of questions that matter deeply in the formulation of your verdict. Endless questions pop into your head regarding it and you tend to be entirely clueless about the most of them. We would like to help you answer few of those ambiguities along with a few tips on how to go for a bathroom renovation.

Need an expert?

The first step is to take a decision on what do you want to renovate in your bathroom? Do you need a replacement of the old things or do you want an entire new suite and that too in a completely different spot?

  • For replacement, all you need are the new things and a handyman or a plumber who could fix it in place.
  • For a new suit or new spot, you indeed need an expert to plan everything for you and get it executed. You might actually have to take an appointment from him, too.


The second decision is to decide among the numerous assorted options of what could be replaced or added and what has to be kept the same. Starting from the flooring (ply or tiles), lights (feature lights or down ceiling lights), fan or central heating/cooling, old or new suite, number of mirrors, new shower fittings or old till the accessories like stands and cupboards.

Need of professionals

People these days are very creative and have many talents up their sleeves. They may know how to fix things or to replace them with new ones but when you are renovating the entire look of your bathroom, the use of professionals is highly recommended. If you already have a knowledge of how to properly install or replace things then use that knowledge in finding yourself better professionals and you will also have an edge on them which will get them to work proficiently for you.

Finding a good plumber

Once you have decided to take professional help, the problem is where to find an efficient plumber; this becomes like finding a needle in hay. You need to follow some tips before picking the one you will work with.

  • first of all take a rough quote from a couple of plumbers and then take a decision
  • don’t go for the cheapest, they may actually be faulty in one way or the other, to be selling the services in such an inexpensive way
  • check their general service reviews from both the market and online

Overall duration

You will be in luck if you have an alternate washroom in the house or a spared one in your neighbors that they can allow you to use while your own bathroom is under the renovation for some time. This is another of the major concern of a lot of people because sometimes you feel so handicapped with a lot of unknown people working in your bathroom and you have to rush somewhere for a shower, that you halt the procedure in the way. Don’t panic, is the only warning.

It can take more than a week depending on the list of the things you want to change or replace so just relax. Find an easy alternate and focus on the ultimately done project.

Comfort before trend

One of the solid recommendations is to follow your instinct and needs while you choose the style for your entire bathroom. Go for the one that brings you the most ease and comfort instead of following the trendy, fashionable replacements that make you so conscious every time you use your bathroom. Instead, design it for your own self keeping in mind the usefulness of every item, accessory and replacement. It should indeed look nice but not so much that you would hate to set foot in it by the fear of breaking it or making it messy.


One thing you need to be sure about is that when you were taking the quotes, there should be no clause in it of any advance payments. Instead, you make it clear to the plumbing company that you will buy all the materials that has to be used and all the fittings, fixtures and accessories will be provided by you. They just have to bring their experience, their professionalism and their own plumbing tools to fix things into their place.

Perfect size

The last tip is to get the suite, basin or bath tub in its perfect size. It can be tricky because the things you like the feel of usually are either too small or gigantic for your bathroom. To pick the right and perfect size, we suggest you, to try it or get the right measurement of your things before buying the replacements for them.

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