How to maintain and even improve your boiler system

boiler system

If your new home has a boiler system, you will have to factor in the cost of running and maintaining it. Generally, old central heating systems have low efficiency, and so they consume more fuel than the new ones. Here are some tips to solving efficiency problems in boilers:

1. Maintenance
Your boiler, just like every other equipment, suffers wear and tear with time. Although wear and tear can’t be avoided, but they can be reduced to the barest minimum via regular maintenance of your heating system. Frequent maintenance ensures your boiler functions optimally with little breakdowns.

2. Install a high turndown burner
A high turndown burner helps maintain your boiler at high operating efficiency by cutting back on the on/off cycles.

3. Only use treated water in your central heating system
Tiny particles contained in untreated water coagulate in the internal tubes of a boiler. When this happens, the efficiency of your boiler would drop. Installing a deaerator will help solve this problem. What a deaerator does is to heat up the water, thus making it easy for particles to be removed quickly.

4. Parallel Positioning Installation
Parallel positioning helps keep away excess air from your boiler’s burner, thus ensuring it operates smoothly.

5. Install variable speed drive controls
Speed control systems ensure the motor of your boiler runs at optimal speed. The good thing about them is that they can easily be adjusted to suit your unique needs.

6. Install Exchangers
An exchanger which also doubles as a deaerator heats up the water feed into the boiler.

7. Install a flash Economizer
What a flash economizer does is to recover lost heat and send it back into the system. Though being pricy, the money spent on it can be quickly recovered in less than one year through savings. So, the cost is always worth it especially in the long run.

8. Add oxygen transmitter/sensor
This piece of equipment helps cut back excess air while maintaining an optimal fuel ratio. The result is a boiler system of higher efficiency.

9. Replace the boiler if necessary
Boilers sure do cost a lot of money. However, it may be better to buy a new boiler than to spend money maintaining and running an old one. Provided it is an old boiler, you will definitely have to spend a ton of money maintaining it. If buying a new boiler is way out of your budget, you may consider renting one just like most other home owners do. Renting a boiler system is very affordable and convenient.

Regular and proper maintenance of your boiler can help save you 30% of the money you would have spent on fuel in a year.

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