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Do you have an article you want to share with our readers? Here you have the possibility to make your voice heard and opinions known. It’s simple, submit a guest post on the topic you like and feel most comfortable.

Guest posting service

Here are some topics for you to consider if you want to submit a guest post to Broccas: advertising, artists, automotive, beauty, books, business, cars, community, content marketing, customer experience, customer service, education, engineering, enterprise, family, fashion, finance, first aid, fitness, food, health, health insurance, home improvement, home security, internet marketing, jewelry, law, life insurance, lifestyle, link building, marketing, mom, mortgage, movies, music, network, nursery, outfits, packaging, parenting, personal development, personal finance, photography, pregnancy, property, real estate, relationships, royal, science, services, small business, strategy, taxes, technology, tips, traditions, travel, web design, websites, wedding. If your preferred topic is not mentioned above, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we don’t take it into consideration, these are listed here only as examples. Please note, submitting a guest blog post to Broccas doesn’t mean it will be published automatically. We select guest posting with care, we put quality above quantity.

Guest blog posting guidelines

Title: Make sure to include a post title.

Content length: Normally we don’t impose a minimum length for your post but you know the recommendations and the best practices: the more the better. Make sure the story is relevant to readers and contains enough and useful information. A blog post is nothing without its readers so put the reader first when you structure the content.

Credits: We know very well the efforts implied in writing a good piece of content and we respect individual work. That’s why, if your story is derivative of someone else’s work, give them credit. The same applies to images, see below.

Images: They are optional. If you decide to send us photos to illustrate your article, only include your own images, photography that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license. Include links to the sources and credits if necessary. If you don’t send us images, dont’t worry, we work (have subscriptions) with two stock photography websites, we will pick and buy the photos for your guest post. You come with quality content, we come with quality images.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit the post to a greater or lesser extent, including changes in the text, title and subtitles, to improve readability. Our policy is to give guest post authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control.

Payment: We don’t pay for guest posts.

Self-promotion: As already stated, we appreciate the effort put into creating a valuable piece of content. That’s why authors will receive a link back to their own personal blogs, if they have personal blogs. Feel free to add the URL of your personal blog. Any other backlinks within the post are subject to our consideration. See the below section Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts for more details.

Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts: If you are (representing) a company willing to write about a problem for which your company offers a solution or about any area in which you have a vested interest, your story might qualify as advertising / sponsored post rather than a guest post. In this case please note the links included in the article will contain a rel=”nofollow” tag as per Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We might also charge you a fee aimed at covering the costs with assessing the article, proofreading it, buying/editing the photos, formatting/preparing the article for publishing and publishing itself.

Submit a guest post / advertising / sponsored post

Send an email to contact [@] broccas [.] com containing

– Article title
– Article content
– Photo (optional, min 900px width)
– Article previously published? Yes/No
– If previously published, where? (URL)
– Your name
– Your personal blog URL (optional)
– Your email address
– Your phone number (optional)
– Your Skype username (optional)

Accepting guest posts

We try to respond as quickly as we can to your blog post submission, but please note, due to time constraints, we aren’t always able to provide feedback on the rejected stories. We usually publish the accepted articles within three business days. If you don’t hear from us in that time, please assume that we will not publish your post.

Thank you!

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