4 great family activities to enjoy at home

mother with 3 children

Everyone feels like there is never going to be an end to staying inside. How do you get rid of the boredom? Get up and find something fun that everyone can do together. Here are four excellent family ideas that will let each person shine in a unique way.

Cook Something New

We all have favorite foods. Instead of buying crackers or marshmallows, you can always make your own. The family can see how the process of making the items works. Homemade pretzels and bread are other great things to try. You can always go with cookies and let everyone make their favorite. Then, the best part is eating them all. When you get bold, let everyone make their favorite dish for a meal. You can do this for a special event, holiday, or another occasion. Vary the dishes for the age of the person making it.

Get Scientific

With a telescope, you can learn about astrology together. Everyone can find their zodiac symbol, or you can search for the most popular constellations. On active nights, scanning the skies for a shooting star can be an exciting time. You can also perform science experiments like making a volcano or finding out why salt makes ice melt faster. The Internet has all the information you need, including where to order items for your experiments.

Make Candles

While searching the web, you can order candle making supplies. From glitter candles to a variety of essential oils, there are dozens of ways and items you can use to personalize candles. If you get good enough at it, then you can always send them to your friends and family for holiday gifts. Plus, you can tailor each candle to the person or make a ton of new decorations for your home.

Make it a Movie Day

Most people are finding ways to make movie night a popular treat for the family. If you think this idea is getting old, then maybe going with a theme can spice it up a bit. For example, you can choose old movies that everyone wants to see and dress up in vintage clothes. Parents says kids like Shirley Temple movies. A night when you watch Disney flicks, you can try dressing up as characters from the movies or make it a pajama night. To celebrate the holidays, an ugly sweater movie night can be fun. You can wear all flannels to watch westerns, and so on.

Making family time fun can take some creative thought. Sometimes, putting a new spin on an old favorite is a great way to liven up everyone’s day. Pair foods with the movie theme for a new way to do dinner and a movie or make candles with fall scents as a way to change the seasons. There is always a new cuisine to try or let everyone make a favorite meal one week.

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