5 tips on how to be more organized

tips to be more organized

In the current times, when everyone is running a lot of tasks at the same time and everyone has to manage a ton of errands at their own because of their claimed independence and because of the need of the hour and when the world is going so fast as if everyone is part of a race one way or the other, what we all need is to be ORGANIZED or else all our tasks and schedules will be left not only incomplete but also in a lot of mess.

From day to day, we wish and strive to finish all the tasks and things in a preset time or else we will have no time at all for the pending tasks and duties, we will be late from every other task, our meetings will be delayed, and we will be in a constant rush but would fail massively.

We can easily cater to this whole scenario by being organized, which just needs a few efforts on our part initially and then it would become a routine and will blend into our daily chart without realizing that we are pulling a heavy schedule every day, like our second nature which is more like a habit and we do not have to force it to adapt it. This will also keep us relaxed and we will be able to concentrate more easily and prioritize our schedule which will enhance our performance and outcome of our effort / work and tasks.

Here are a few tips for you to take advantage from or take notes on how to stay better and conveniently organized in no time.

Make A List

The best way to sort through your day is to jot down all the things you want done before you hit the bed that night. This will hardly take 10 minutes but will give you many advantages. For instance, you will have everything to be done, small or big, in front of you. You can prioritize as per the importance and the shortage of time. You can finish the urgent tasks without forgetting the small ones. You will be much more sorted and aware of the things to be done for that particular day.

Be Practical and Re-arrange

Take charge and don’t let the heavily planned routine drive you. Instead, take your list and settle with a cup of morning tea and rearrange your ‘To do list’ as per the practicality of the hour and the priority of the time. You need to determine the level of urgency for each task and then rearrange them accordingly. Sometimes a few tasks are to be finished slowly over the time, you can add them in your list at the end of the day so that you can give it the left-out time and not the beginning of your day because you might spend more time in doing or solving it then is scheduled for it for that day. So, stay pragmatic and arrange wisely.

Work Out Your Deadlines

What is a must after bringing everything on the paper in front of you is the deadline for each task. You need to determine how much time you can or you should invest in the errand or duty scheduled for that day. Give yourself a deadline for each task even if it’s a break, lunch time or even entertainment, this will keep you more organized and sorted all through the day. It is always wise to be cautious, so, better plan for a week ahead instead of doing it on daily basis and then panicking for the shortage of time.

Follow Your Schedule, Strictly

Your assigned dedicated time and deadline for every task has to be strictly followed, no matter what. Stick to your schedule and slowly everyone around you will gather that you should not be bothered while you are off to ticking things off your to do list for the day. Make a habit of resolving emergencies and then retract back to your planned schedule for the day.

Set Reminders

When you are attentive towards a task you give your 100% to it but that sometimes make you forget the rest of the tasks and deadlines for the day. To save yourself from any such accident you must place a few reminders for your own self. This can be either about the deadline of every task or about the new task’s beginning time. You can get yourself a planner and make big markings but since it’s a technological world and we all have smartphones, you can easily set alarms for the deadlines and this usually turns out to be more effective in letting you stick to your list of planned schedule and helps, in result, to be more organized.

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