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If there is something that can be annoying for many people irrespective of any age, it is Acne. Acne can happen to both male and female and it puts one in stress at times. Acne is one thing, but the post effects like scars, marks, and pores are worse than that. Once the acne pops out on the face, many of us are forced to think about the post effects of acne. There is a myth that acne is something which cannot be controlled between the ages of 18 and 25 but, in reality, one can see many people having flawless skin in those ages. Hence, one should follow and cut short a few routines to have a flawless face. Excited to know about those? Keep reading below.

Ways To Have Acne Free Face Skin

1. Hydration

The human body is made in such a way to function properly with the intake of a minimum of 2 litres of water per day. If one needs to have flawless skin then he/she should drink more than the prescribed level (2 litres) to keep the skin moisturized and to be acne free. Water also helps in removing the toxins and dead cells from the skin. It fights to remove the dry skin as well as the unwanted contaminants which causes acne.

2. Cleansing and Hair

One has to pay more attention to cleaning the face regularly to avoid getting acne. People should understand the type of skin they have before choosing the cleanser for their skin. If one has an oily face then he/she should prefer the cleaner which is rich in salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid. In case of having sensitive skin, then one should go for lactic acid concentrations in it.

Avoid using the chemical products, and the hair gels on your hair scalp. As a result of applying these, the scalp tends to get oily which in turn becomes the reason for an oily face which is more prone to getting acne. The skin pores are also blocked by these oils which encourages acne.

3. Foods to Avoid

This was a bit obvious, fried and processed food are one of the major causes of acne. The reason is that the blood sugar levels are raised by processed food which causes the insulin level to rise. As a result of this, acne breaks out. If one loves eating dairy products like ice-cream and cheese, then he/she should avoid it without a choice. Milk and other dairy products are rich in IGF-1 hormones which can aggravate the acne and inflammation on the skin. In addition to this, dairy products produce more sebum, making the skin oily, and be the reason for getting acne.

4. Sun Screens

Getting exposed to dust and polluted gas are two major reasons for skin damage. These bags of dust clog the pores and cause skin damage. Sunscreens are a simple solution to get rid of this trouble. SPF 30, a type of sunscreen is preferred for everyday use. Whether you have acne or not don’t forget to apply sunscreens on the face when you are exposed to outer environments. The sun’s UV ray causes inflammation and is a reason for acne formation. While selecting the sunscreens one should choose oil-free and non-comedogenic compositions so that it doesn’t clog the pores. In addition to that, people with sensitive skin get irritated by the chemicals in sunscreens like Sulisobenzone, oxybenzone, and dioxybenzone. Hence, they should prefer sunscreen, which has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

5. Makeups

Either wearing too much makeup or wearing it every day can cause acne. It is recommended to avoid foundation and powder on the face as it results in inflammation. If there is a need for makeup, then one should choose oil-free makeup products to avoid clogging the pores. A British study has found that nearly 72% of women never clean or wash their makeup brush and is a suitable way for bacteria to intrude in the face.

Ones who do workouts should wipe off their makeups completely to minimize the risk of acne breakouts. The visible pores on the skin release the sweat. When makeup covers those pores, then it would be a barrier for the sweat to make it to the surface of the skin which can lead to clogged pores. The trapped sweat on the pores is the perfect breeding ground for acne.

6. Pillow Covers & Face Towel

This might sound crazy, yet your pillow cover is one of the reasons for acne formation and inflammation on your face. Usually, people place their face on the pillows during deep sleep. Pillow cover collects the dirt and sweat from hair, and so, it can clog the pores on your face and encourage acne to break out. The pillow covers should be washed at least twice a week to avoid getting acne.

Consistent usage of same face towel is like using the same dinner napkin. Using the same face towel on your face can even introduce new bacteria to your skin, which can lead to acne formation.

7. Green Tea and Honey

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin. It can calm the redness which is associated with acne. When green tea is consumed, it removes the toxin from the body, and when applied on the skin, it reduces the inflammation. Applying honey on the skin helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acne, and it also kills the acne-causing bacteria.

8. Stress

Everyone knows that stress causes a lack of sleep and elevates blood pressure. But stress has a correlation with acne as well. So, if you wonder how acne appears overnight on your face, then stress level would be the culprit behind that. When the stress hormones are aggravated, it results in more sebum production which in turn has an effect in acne formation within a few hours. Hence, one should live life in the least stressful way as they can, to prevent from getting acne.

9. Smoking Effects

Smoking is associated with a lot of health hazards, but not many would have thought that it causes even acne. Researchers at San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome, Italy have proven that cigarette smoking causes acne breakouts. Smoking causes Non-inflammatory acne which usually appears as bumps (in skin colour) and blocks the pores. Cheeks are more vulnerable for this type of acne. If you need one good reason to quit smoking, then this is the reason you should be looking for.

One doesn’t need to follow any special precautions to keep skin flawless. Eight hours of sound sleep and having three nutritious meal per day is the basic expectation your skin demands with you to have flawless skin. It just takes a couple of minutes to cleanse your face even at the time when you munch a bar of chocolate. So, have a healthy relationship with your skin and let your skin reacts with you in the same way. What are your tried and tested acne scar treatment that guarantees results for you?

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