4 tips for cleaning your pool more efficiently

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Everyone loves taking a dip in a clean, refreshing pool on a hot summer day. In some cases, though, keeping your pool clean can be quite a herculean task. However, with some basic modifications to your pool-care routine, you will enjoy a clean pool with less effort. To help you spend more time swimming and less time cleaning, here are four tips for cleaning your pool more efficiently.

Strike a Balance

One key to keeping your pool clean is to ensure that the water parameters are properly balanced. If your pH is off or your stabilizer is too low, you’ll have a hard time maintaining a clean pool, even if you work on it every day. Therefore, it’s important to get yourself a good water-testing kit and work diligently to balance your water so that your pool can work with you instead of against you as you seek to keep it clean.

Upgrade Your Pump

Circulating water through your filter is crucial to maintaining a clean pool. Though the manual removal of debris is effective, it’s impossible to work the long hours that a filter can. To help improve the effectiveness of your filter, it’s a good idea to upgrade your pool pump to increase the rate at which the water in the pool is turned over in a given time period. The more frequently your pool water is filtered, the less time that any debris will have a chance to sit in the water and deteriorate your water quality.

Invest in a Robotic Vacuum

Despite your best cleaning efforts, there will still be a fair amount of debris that falls to the bottom of your pool. Therefore, vacuuming your pool will always be an important part of your pool care routine. However, just because your pool needs to be vacuumed doesn’t mean that you have to vacuum it yourself. By investing in a robotic vacuum, you can automate this portion of the pool-cleaning process so that you can spend more time working on your tan.

Keep Debris Away

The easiest way to clean your pool is to prevent debris from entering your pool in the first place. One good way to do this is by installing shade sails in your pool area that can help catch and divert debris to your pool deck, where it can be easily swept away. Plus, by installing adequate shade sails, your pool water will never become too hot, allowing you to enjoy refreshingly cool water all summer long.

Ultimately, pool care is always easier when you’re able to stay on top of it on a daily basis. If you ignore your pool care routine for more than a couple of days, you’ll be left with so much work that you’ll be tempted to drain your pool and try again next year. By getting into the habit of taking care of the basics every day, though, your pool will always be ready for enjoyment and relaxation.

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