Decoration ideas to brighten up your home

decoration ideas

Decorating your home is really tough if you have no helping hand. Most of us can’t afford to have a bunch of designers and interior decorators with us. Therefore it’s good to play smartly and within a span of two to three hours, you can see wonders. But the question arises, how to do this all and what is meant by playing it smartly.

Let’s have a look at some of our amazing tips to see how you can surprise everyone with your intelligence and aesthetic sense.

Organize everything

Yes, it sounds tiring but it’s really important to do. For being easy, start with the room which is your favorite. A pair of gloves, broom, dusting cloth and some papers bags are essential items to be with you at that time.

Make up your mind to stick with usable things only. Don’t pour your sentiments out to restore everything which is unnecessary. It is good to judge everything as ‘when you used it last time’. It would help you to analyze whether you really need that particular thing or not.

One thing more, not everything is rubbish. So, if you are confused about something or if the item can be recycled then don’t throw it, just put it away. Maybe it could be used in a DIY thing, etc. One more good option is to take the old things and sell them online and make some extra money. So, what are you waiting for?

Mix and match your sitting area

Try to make your home pleasant and a source of invitation to relax. You can try different patterns and shapes of cushion to place here and there on your sofa and bed. Similarly, you can recycle the bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers, etc to make new and inspiring designs. Good scents always refresh the mood so try to spray something nice like mint, jasmine, rose or burn the fragrance diffuser wooden sticks to have an aromatic effect.

You can also place candles in your living area to have a warmer effect and ambient lighting.

Instead of wallpapers, different size of photo frame, wall collage, DIY wall pieces, etc. can be used to highlight the wall with a simple base color.

Flowers are essential

These are must-to-have in the corridor, living room, hall area or anywhere you like. They never become fail to complete the look. Flowers are mood enhancer because they decrease anxiety and depression. They also give a lively feeling. What else one wants!

Kitchen should be open

The design of the kitchen should be with an open area having large windows and no doors or a room-like shape. Regarding the windows, consider installing window shutters for their warmly feeling. It should have some chairs or couch to enjoy coffee in cold winter mornings. Try to have an aromatic effect in your kitchen and what else can beat the ground coffee beans’ smell and cinnamon stick. Try any of these and see how it changes your mood while you’re doing your stuff in the kitchen.

Bathroom can’t be avoided

Don’t neglect the bathroom. It is one of the places where you spend time more. Have a warm and cozier environment there. Place scented candles at every corner. Invest in color designed towels to have a vibrant feeling and place the guests towels separately.
If you try some of these guidelines mentioned above, you would find your home more beautiful, decorated and a more relaxed place to enjoy with friends and family.

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