Why camping is gaining popularity right now

Family with children camping

In the wake of the pandemic, many people are trying to find creative ways of spending time away from home. Because many hotels are fully booked or not taking in sleeping guests, camping seems to be the only remaining option. It is proving to be quite effective as a beautiful way to spend time with your loved ones.

Why the sudden popularity?

During the lockdown, most people got sick of being inside the house all the time. It was also the time that you probably did some soul searching and decided to be more proactive. You might have heard that one of the things dying people regret often is not having lived to the fullest, and you want to live your life fully.

It is no secret that most people were affected financially during the start of the pandemic. Many people lost their livelihood and have had to make some adjustments to get by. Camping is an affordable way to take a vacation. It is also outdoors, and campers are not confined to enclosed spaces.

For example, if you are going camping in Lost River State Park, you are assured of social distance because of how far it spreads. The social distance reduces the chances of interaction that spreads the virus. The air is also fresh, guaranteeing efficient ventilation.

Benefits of Camping

If you are in a position to go camping, then don’t skip it. Camping is good for you because of the many benefits it possesses, both physical and health-wise. Here are several benefits that you can enjoy.

Fresh Air

There is something great about being surrounded by trees and plants and taking in the fresh air. Fresh air is scarce in the city because of the many environmental pollutants that surround you. You will love the fresh air and do your lungs some good for a change.

Mental wellness

You can easily relax and recharge, which will help in decreasing your stress levels. There is no rushing, and you are sure that you have left everything behind. The smell of certain plants and flowers is also therapeutic for your health.

Physical wellness

While camping you have to take part in the different duties to make life easier. You will have to fetch wood and water, which will be a good exercise for you. You can engage in activities, such as hiking, which will be a healthy way to break a sweat.


The world has been taken over by technology and people no longer hold conversations, camping brings in a new atmosphere. You will be able to hold conversations without distractions, and this will help in strengthening your relationships. The different activities give you a chance to bond and connect with your loved ones.

Learning new skills

During camping, people come with different skills to get the job done. Everyone contributes naturally, and you can pick up some new skill sets that you don’t have. The skills might prove crucial when you least expect them.

Basic Camping Tips

Summer is the most popular season for camping, but sometimes a need arises, forcing one to go camping during other seasons. Each season might present its hard share of challenges, and therefore you need to be prepared on how you will tackle them. Regardless, some tips are all rounded and will get you out of a hard place. Some basic tips are:

  • Create a checklist to help you during packing
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable and weather-friendly clothes at all times
  • Avoid physical activities during extreme weather conditions
  • Always have insect repellant for protection against mosquitos and other bugs
  • Learn basic first aid or have someone who knows them in your group
  • Eat healthy and well; carbohydrates are good for energy so add more complex ones to your diet
  • Familiarise yourself with warning signs to keep yourself safe
  • Don’t neglect yourself; always rest when you feel tired
  • Ensure you bring along all essential items, including a first aid kit
  • Familiarise yourself with how to get help in case of an emergency

Do not forget there are a lot of ways you can have fun while camping. Their simplicity is what makes them fun. Allow yourself to relax and go with the flow to ensure a memorable experience.

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