What is long duration cardio?

long duration cardio

There is no dearth of information and well-meaning advice available on the internet and other media regarding the best ways of exercising to maintain good health. There is a constant addition to the understanding of how the body functions and this has led to finding newer ways to train it and improve body functions.

One fad, for lack of a better word, at present is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that has been found to be beneficial and has the added advantage of requiring lesser time from a busy day, for working out.

While HIIT has been known to be effective it is definitely more tasking on the body and its muscles, it may not be suitable for everybody.

Long Duration Cardio: A Great Alternative to HIIT Workouts

It is know low-intensity steady state cardio workouts are a kinder alternative, especially when you are coming back from an injury that HIIT can often induce. It is also the best way of starting to exercise for a person who has never carried out such routines earlier and allows the body to get gradually used to working out. Long duration cardio is an aerobic exercise that burns energy from fat storage and allows the body to build up its capillarization.

An increase in capillaries leads to larger blood flow to the muscles of the body. The blood and the nutrients in it give the body increased energy, and the body can work for longer times without getting tired.

As a person’s body ages, especially, after the age of 30, the walls of the capillaries thicken and reduce the capacity of the body to absorb the nutrients and oxygen that it needs.

Long duration cardio performed at a slow intensity can help to build up these capillary beds and enhance the body functions. Aerobic exercise has to be part of any workout routine, even if it something as easy going as walking.

A slow and long duration cardio causes the body to undergo less trauma. As you age, the chances of injury during exercising are higher.

Wear and tear of the tissues is less likely in long duration cardio and there are reduced chances of injury.

How to Do a LISS Workout

Low-intensity cardio is typically for periods of between 30 minutes and an hour, where the heart rate does not go to more than 60 percent of the maximum safe heart rate. Calculate your maximum heart rate by using the formula…

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