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Adestra report reveals 60% of US consumers will leave a website or lie if they aren’t getting brand value. Also the email address is now more important than a social security number.

New research finds that consumers of all ages don’t want to give up their email addresses when presented immediately with a pop-ad and before they have had a chance to look over your website. More than 60% of site visitors will either leave or lie about their email by providing an out-of-date or phony address, according to Adestra’s 2017 Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study. Considering that consumers use at least three email addresses, this highlights the importance of timing and placement when using popups, popovers, and other interstitial ads.

The email address becomes more valuable as technology evolves. But what the study shows, and what First-Person Marketers understand, is that the email address is now more important than a Social Security number because the marketer can use it to identify more about a customer based on the email address than any other single source of information.

Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO at Adestra, says: “In a world where we have multiple identities, many communication channels and a plethora of passwords, the email address is becoming the one constant in this shifting sea. Marketers are beginning to reap the benefits of First-Person Marketing, which sees the email address as a way to identify the consumer beyond a simple communication channel.”

The study, conducted in January 2017, surveyed 1245 mobile device users across the US, balanced between men and women, as well as among three age groups: 14 to 18; 19 to 34; and 56 to 67.

It came out as a conclusion teens prefer email over other channels for communications from brands as well as day-to-day aspects of their lives, such as school and work notices. However teens are more likely to lead marketers astray with a secondary email address (57%) if the perceived value isn’t high enough to earn their primary email address.

The youngest consumers also see email as a source of entertainment. Nearly 70% of the 14-to-18-year-olds indicated that they checked email when bored, against only 26% of the oldest respondents (age 56 to 67).

Mobile continues to be a vital part of everyday life for all, while email is the preferred way for consumers to hear from brands. More than seven in 10 consumers chose email as their preferred communication channel for businesses.

This year’s study also reveals significant changes over the previous year: a nearly 17% drop in direct-mail interest and an 18% jump in favor of an email-SMS combination.

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