4 ways to improve home security that won’t break the bank

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Reviewing and updating home security should be a task every homeowner undertakes. Considering home security can over time, lose its strength due to simple wear and tear. Not to mention a complacency in maintaining good home security habits. Another reason home security may need an update is from a change in the family situation. This may mean taking into consideration young children or elderly parents.

Here are 4 simple ways that you can improve your home security that won’t break the bank.

1. Lock your door

Let’s start with the basics. Lock your door, at all times. Did you know that the most common reason for burglary is because of an unlocked door? It is this lack of security that thieves will check first before deciding to enter a property or not. If you haven’t managed to get into the habit of locking your door consider switching to a single-cylinder door lock. This type of lock will stay locked from the outside whenever the door shuts. It doesn’t need a key from the inside to lock/unlock, but rather uses a thumb-turn style lever to open instead.

2. Check the integrity of your door security

This then goes onto our next aspect of home security. Checking the integrity of your door. But what does this look like? This means updating if you have answered yes to these questions:

  • Are the door lock or hinges damaged or not operating smoothly?
  • Are there extra keys floating around? Have you recently moved in and not had the lock changed? Do you know who has copies of your house keys?
  • Is there a gap between the door and the frame of the door? Can something be used to jimmy the door open with the gap?
  • Is your door hollow, severely cracked or losing its strength?
  • Is the strike plate (the metal plate on the door frame, allowing the lock to slide into) fitted with long screws?
  • If you have sliding doors, do you have a surface mounted patio bolt lock?

3. Locked away

We have all forgotten the key in the house at least once in our lives. And getting back in can be a costly exercise. Especially if you don’t know what to look for in an accredited locksmith. Not to mention all that time waiting for them to arrive. So rather than hiding the spare key under a flowerpot or welcome mat, both of which are the least secure choices. Here are some different options to choose from. The first option is to give the spare key to a trusted neighbour or, a friend or family member who lives nearby. This is certainly the quickest and at no cost to you. The second option is to buy a lockable key safe. Mount the key safe anywhere on your property. It can be a wall or post, as long as it’s out of sight from the main road. There are a variety of key safes to choose from. From key safes storing up to 7 keys to ones that light up at night plus others that use Bluetooth technology.

4. Out of sight

Keeping items out of sight means out of mind. Let’s see what this looks like. Purchased a brand new TV? Well, don’t leave the packaging on the road for everyone to see. Instead, break this down and put it at the bottom of your recycling bin. Are the bikes, exercise equipment and other valuable items left in your garage? Then close the garage door, lock up your bikes. Thieves can look like any passerby from your neighbourhood. So taking an innocent-looking glance is easy. It gives them a chance to decide whether to steal anything or not.

Another tip is to not leave your house and car keys in a visible place. This includes leaving it by the front door, coffee table or another spot that is visible from the front door. Instead, find new hiding places for your keys on a regular basis. Keep other valuable items out of sight of windows. Burglars won’t attempt a break-in if they don’t know the reward.

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