6 ways a piercing can spice up your look

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Ever felt like your outfit was missing something but you never really knew what it was? This might be it. The past year, there has been a rise in the aesthetic that comes along with getting a piercing. Especially facial piercings have been swaying with the trend. Perhaps in a corporate setting, you’ll want to look for something more subtle and professional. In the creative industry, you might want to opt for a more bold piercing to show how daring and adventurous you are. There are multiple piercings that can spice up your look from head to toe.

Helix piercing

One of the most searched up piercings this year is the helix piercing. Not only because of how variable and awesome it looks, but also because it won’t bother anyone in a professional setting. It’s just another ear piercing, right? When having a helix, you can choose a helix ring or a helix stud. It’s always best to start with a stud to prevent the piercing from getting swallowed into the skin because of the swelling. Start with a longer stud and then switch to a shorter one, or a helix ring!

When getting 2 helix piercings, it’s possible to connect them with a chain. Instead of getting an industrial, connected with a barbell, a connected helix piercing has been a popular choice at Inksane piercings.

Septum piercings

The septum piercing is a great add-on on your face. It’s more visible and more daring, yet not too much. Not only is it known in today’s society, but also primitive tribes have known the septum piercing under different names. They have come a long way yet they’re still worn by celebrities like Willow Smith and Bella Thorn. However, there’s a catch in finding the right piercer to get a septum from.

A big misunderstanding is that a septum piercing is pierced through the cartilage of the nose. This is not true at all. A professional piercer will pierce it below the cartilage, through the sweet spot.” – Anke Labaere, piercer at Inksane Piercings Roeselare.

The sweet spot is below the cartilage of your nose, before you reach the tip. The right piercer will pierce it through there, it shouldn’t hurt all too much.

Daith piercing

Known for its healing capacities, the daith piercing is a whole new upgrade to your ear. There’s a myth going around about the daith being able to heal migraines. There is no scientific proof to support this saying. The daith is often recognized as a ring piercing, in the middle of the ear.

A lot of people get ear piercings because of how subtle they look, yet when wearing your hair up, it gives a whole new look. It’s easier to switch from casual-chic to a piercer badass. Facial piercings are more daring but get accepted easier into today’s society. Everybody can express them in any way they like. Some get a tattoo to express their emotions and past, some get piercings and some express them in other ways. That’s totally okay!

Dimple piercing

The dimple piercings have had a massive surge in the past years. Not only do they look cute, but it’s easily hidden with a mouth mask. The aftercare process is a long journey with a higher chance of complications and scarring. The scarring might cause an indentation in the cheek, like real dimples but deeper and less natural. It might give the “kawaii (=cute)” look people want and maybe that’s why the dimple piercing has been this popular. Nonetheless it’s a great way to spice up a look and accentuate your smile.

Industrial piercing

We have talked about a connected helix piercing, but when your ear has the right anatomy, you can opt for an industrial piercing. This makes it seem like a pole is stuck in the upper cartilage of the ear. There’s a lot of fun choices you can make, e.g. an arrow-like piercing that makes it seem like an arrow is stuck in the upper-ear. Not only will people look at it with fascination, it totally spices up your ear.

Smiley piercing

There are some limitations to getting a smiley piercing for example braces or dental issues. When you’re able to get this piercing, it’s definitely worth it. You can’t see it when your mouth is closed but once you smile, it shows. The name already said it, “smiley” piercing. You can choose from a captive bead ring, circular barbell or a ring to spice it up.

Piercings have been a rising trend and are becoming more appropriate in today’s society. The amount of people that have googled these different types of piercing has risen immensely. It’s important to know how to take care of the piercing after getting one, it’s not always something to take lightly, but it definitely spices up your look.

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