The smarter way to travel: pack the travel medical kit

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Travel… the thought brings us a refreshing feeling and a whiff of air, the sweetness of honey, the mental relaxation time and the great feeling of breaking away from the monotonous routine. Each of us happily pack the clothes and accessories, but never remember to pack medical supplies. God forbid, travelers should ever face any medical issues, but minor medical issues can happen, and everyone must be prepared. Every traveler must carry his/her personal medical kit.

Wondering what to pack in a travel medical kit ? Here are a few guidelines – ask yourself questions these questions:

  1. Where you are traveling?
    To Outback Australia or the African wilds, then you will not get first aid supplies or very aid easily. For other destinations, you will need the minimal medical supplies in the first aid kit that include adhesive tape, burn care product, antiseptic products.
  2. What type of activity will you be doing?
    Think where you are going, and what are the activities you may be involved in. Are you hiking? Then you may require bandage wraps, muscle relaxant topical applications and wrist, elbow and ankle supports.
    Are you a water baby, then you will need to pack some adhesive bandage as you may get cuts due to the sand and snorkeling in the waters as well. Eye care products are another essential in your medical travel kit, as the salty ocean water does cause the eyes to burn. Quality bandage wraps are a must in all medical travel kits as well.
  3. How long is your trip?
    If you are going on a long trip, identify the places where you can stock up your first aid kit.
  4. Remember to take all your personal medications
    Carrying all your personal medications with the prescription is a must. In different countries, the brand names may be different, so ensure that you carry enough medication and the brand name available in the different country if you do need to make a purchase.

Checklist for a Travel Medical Kit

Adhesive Bandages

An exposed wound may lead to infection. It is always advisable to cover up the wound to stop the bleeding and to prevent infections. Use an adhesive bandage to protect the wound from humidity, pollution and other particles that may infect the wound. Keep all sizes of band aids in your kit, and if you are traveling with kids, then nothing is better than adhesive bandages – it’s like a warrior medal for the kids!!!

Antiseptic Products

Whether it’s your cycling expedition, or a trek, or a simple, relaxing-no activity travel, it is always safer to carry antiseptic products, as there is a chance of cuts, wounds or grazing of the skin. If your travel style does not permit you to carry antiseptic liquids, carry antiseptic wipes. Itch relief and first aid spray work wonderfully and effectively so that your travels remain pleasant.

Adhesive tapes

Depending up on your destination and activities, choose from cloth adhesive tapes, water proof adhesive tapes and hypo allergic adhesive tapes, which are essential in every travel medical kit.

Bandage wraps

Bandage wraps provide support to strained muscles, and a breathable material wrap compresses the area without causing any itchy sensation or allergy.

Burn care products

Burn spray is the most convenient burn care product for every travel medical kit. It is compact and easy to use. If you cannot carry the liquid spray, then opt for moist burn pads, which are just as effective.
Keep healthy and energized to make your travel fun, and always carry your medical travel kit with these essentials to get the most out of your travel!

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