Tips for a smart weekend house clearance

house clearance

Life is a fast race these days and we all run in a cycle from the beginning of the day till we hit our beds at night. Work, duties, family, friends, studies, chores and a wee bit of self-entertainment takes up all day, week, month and years pass by before we realize that we never have time for anything productive.

House cleaning and clearance is just one of those tasks we never think about and never find time for. Even though, regardless of our different personalities we all keep a pile of unnecessary and unorganized sacks in the hidden corner or cupboards of our house. Be it unarranged clothes, unused or used items, broken things, unopened gifts, boxes of old books, tools and tons of other such items that are generally well tucked away from our eyes.

Now, the final and ultimate weekend that you have spared to clean this mess will be rewarding in every which way. Following are few tips to conduct this house clearance in a well-organized manner.

Sort the mess into different piles

The best way to organize your weekend house clearance within the two days is to begin it with sorting the piles of every type into various categories, like:

  • Useless
  • Useful
  • To be thrown
  • To be given away

This will take quite a lot of time as the piles and heaps of these unorganized things could be in several places in your home and sorting through them all would neither be easy nor be quick. So, spend a good amount of time with your stuff.

Put up a clearance sale

For the things like furniture, extra curtain or clothes & appliances that you consider are in a good shape and order and could be sold or given away to help someone, you can put up a weekend clearance sale for them, in the backyard of your house. They will be sold in half or less amount which could help people who needs them and will help you with the house clearance and in having some extra money too. You can also put up a free of cost stall of the things that you do not think can be sold but could be useful for someone of the appropriate age.

Useless stuff

The ultimate step, is to get rid of the useless stuff that nor can be sold neither could be used by you or anyone. For such things, we suggest you to box those items in a sorted way with labels like clothes, plastic, broken, glass, metal and then give it away to the factories and places who recycle them.
This way you will be attaining a clean house and a good feeling in your heart about your house and your efforts.

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