The FOUR major things ruining your sleep

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Have you ever had the feeling where you wake up after sleeping for way too long which makes you feel exasperated and tired? As it turns out, that feeling is pretty common, although it does differ with each individual. Fortunately, there’s a reason behind that and the most probable cause is the kind of mattress you sleep on.

There are some kinds of people who are very particular about their sleep. They need everything perfect; the right room temperature, lighting and so on. These people will also make sure that the mattress they are sleeping on is the exact comfort level that they prefer. So what are the problems in mattresses that disrupt our sleep cycle?

Over Heating

There are so many different kinds of mattresses these days: spring, foam, gel, latex and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the common man does not know much about mattresses so it really depends on the seller to decide which kind we are going to buy. There are a few fabrics that preserve body heat inside of them which makes them very uncomfortable to sleep in. Fortunately, new mattresses have been introduced with a cooling system that helps keep the temperature lower. This results in a peaceful good night’s sleep.

Bad Odour

An unpleasant smell is bound to attract bacteria. This means the risk of a fungal infection which can be very irritable and scratchy if a person catches it. It may even make it very difficult for the person to sleep in such unhygienic conditions because the more it spreads the harder it becomes to relax. Hence, it is very important to buy fabric with low fluid retention and fast drying properties.

Poor Retention

A good mattress is always resilient. This means that it can retain its shape quickly after being stretched. Why is this important? Poor mattress retention means the mattress will take longer to go back to its original shape hence it becomes difficult for you to change your position which can prove to be quite a nuisance.

Too much weight

Another important factor to consider is the weight of the mattress, especially in the case of infants or the elderly. The common thing between the two is that they require extra care and attention, which means so do their sleeping conditions. Both need light bedding with material that can be cleaned easily. If they have heavy bedding, which is harder to clean, it will leave remains of dust and/or smell. Again, this leads to unhygienic conditions which make it difficult for the person to sleep and may cause infections, so you must make sure your mattress is the right weight to prevent health risks.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for everyone to start the day on a positive note with lots of energy, so it is worth it to put some thought into buying a good mattress that you can easily maintain.

It is sleep that uplifts your mental health and allows you to think clearly and creatively. It’s also the cure to when you come back home drained from a hectic day. A good eight hours of sleep will refresh your brain and body. If falling asleep does not come easily to you, take a bath in lukewarm water, eat a good proper meal and make sure to have good bedding according to what you need. This is the best way to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

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