Get rid of post pregnancy complications – stretch mark removal and vaginal rejuvenation

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Pregnancy comes with a lot of complications. No doubt, childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, but it sure comes at a price. Women have a lot to worry about after their delivery. The most common post-pregnancy complications include:

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Bowel Problems
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Loose Vagina
  • Vaginal Soreness
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Dry and Itchy Vagina
  • Tender Breasts

Most common complications among the above are Stretch Marks around the abdomen region, vaginal itching and dryness, loose vagina and urinary incontinence. These issues do not have a health hazard but a woman may feel uncomfortable with them. Below are mentioned the pain-free, safe and convenient treatments for these problems. It is totally the choice of a woman if she wants to get them done on her.

1. Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal

Most women may develop stretch marks around the stomach, lower abdomen, hips and around the vaginal area after the delivery of the baby. The stretch marks may vary in color. Such stretch marks may be of red, blue, black, brown or pink color. At times, they may also be white in color.

Causes of Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks -The stretch marks that women see are mostly formed on the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. The stretch marks are formed due to expansion or contraction of the skin on a large extent. The human skin is very elastic and can stretch to a large extent. The skin around the stomach and hips expand a lot during pregnancy.

Solution – There are many anti-stretch mark creams for post-pregnancy stretch marks. Most women use those creams for their stretch marks after the pregnancy. The red, blue, black, brown or pink colored stretch marks turn to white. But the white stretch marks then look very weird and bright on the skin. The effect of laser treatment for stretch marks is up to 90% in the case of red, blue, black, brown or pink colored stretch marks. But, one wants to get laser treatment done for the white colored stretch marks, the chances of effect are approximately lesser.

The female should not use any anti-stretch mark creams, oils or home remedies as it may worsen the situation. If you want to get rid of them, go for the Laser Treatment for post-pregnancy stretch marks. The earlier it is done, the more positive is the results.

2. Vaginal Soreness, Vaginal Discharge, Dry and Itchy Vagina

Discomfort in the vagina, dryness, itchiness, irritation or vaginal discharge is commonly experienced by women. It has no health hazard but can affect daily comfort, habits and lifestyle.

Causes – There can be several reasons for uncomfortable vaginal conditions or abnormal vaginal discharge. Such reasons include infections, STDs, pH imbalance in the vagina or hormonal imbalance.

Solution – Woman experiencing such complications should immediately get professional help. There should be no delay made in getting help from an expert gynecologist. Such conditions if avoided can lead to complicated health situations. These problems can be cured with prescribed medication from a professional gynecologist.

3. Vaginal Tightening

The vagina stretches out to a large extent at the time of childbirth. Skin in and around the vagina is very tender, gentle and thin. Because of stretching out to such a large extent, the vagina becomes loose. A loose vagina has no health hazards. Loss of elasticity and stiffness of the vagina affects sexual intercourse and its experience for both the partners. The individual faces discomfort during sexual activity. The female often loses her self-confidence in such cases.

Causes of Loose Vagina – There may be several causes for a loose vagina. Age factor and childbirth are the most common reasons for loss of elasticity and firmness of the vagina. At times, hormonal imbalance, menopause, poor blood flow down there, obesity and prolapsed bladder are other reasons that may make the vagina loose.

Solution – There are several creams, oils, and ointments for vaginal stiffness in the market. Such products provide a temporary solution and take a long time to show its effect. They may also lead to hormonal imbalance or other bodily complications.

The Laser Treatment for Vaginal Tightening is a pain-free solution that shows instant results. The vagina regains its stiffness and firmness right after the first session. Generally, a patient needs 3 sessions to regain the natural stiffness of the vagina. But the exact number of sessions can be confirmed by the gynecologist after an examination. The effect of this treatment lasts up to 5 years.

4. Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

With aging and after one or several childbirths, women have the complaint of a loose vagina. Apart from sexual discomfort and complications, the female also faces the trouble of urinary incontinence or leakage. This can be very troubling for women. They experience slight or more leakage of urine at the time of squatting, bending or when a slight force is exerted towards the stomach or lower abdomen.

Causes – The common cause of urinary leakage is childbirth or age factor. Although, several other factors including obesity, depression, smoking, chronic coughing or sneezing, and excessive sports or physical activity can also lead to urinary incontinence.

Solution – The laser treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence ( SUI ) is the most convenient and effective solution for the problem. The patient feels no pain at the time or after the laser treatment. The laser treatment is used to regain the natural tightness and position of the vagina. The treatment will show its effect from the first sitting. The treatment has no side effects on the skin, reproductive system or any other organ of the female.

End Your Discomforts Ladies!

Women experiencing such problems after pregnancy or even in general should get professional help to the soonest if the condition makes them uncomfortable or leads to painful conditions.

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