Forget the smart home, it’s time for the smart body

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Ever wondered if eating an avocado or olive oil can help you lose weight? Or if you are at risk from a family illness? With the introduction of the Atlas DNA and Atlas Microbiome Tests, you can now have the answers. Presented to you via a secure, online platform, you can receive personalised health, diet and fitness tips based on your own DNA.

It’s never been easier to make positive lifestyle changes. The tests are simple, easy to use and are carried out in the comfort of your own home. They examine both your DNA and microbiome – the good gut bacteria – in order to paint a full picture of your body. An approach no other company takes.

The Microbiome Test offered by Atlas is the first of its kind in the UK. It provides direct control over your health, by looking at the DNA of your gut bacteria and then providing nutrition tips, personalised to you. This is designed to improve your diet and ultimately boost your general well-being.

Atlas also offers an at-home DNA test. This provides bespoke tips on how to live a healthier life, by showing if you are at risk of certain hereditary diseases and then how to make positive lifestyle changes to combat them.

It does this by analysing your DNA and combining the results with research from thousands of scientific papers. Atlas can calculate your predisposition to natural strength, endurance and even show you how long to exercise and rest for optimal results.

Atlas founder and CEO, Sergey Musienko, said: “Too great a focus is put on reactive care. When you’re sick, you go see a doctor. But why don’t we look after ourselves before we become sick?” He explained further, “Atlas Biomed gives consumers the opportunity to anticipate areas that may cause them health issues in the future and, as a result, adopt healthy habits now that could help prevent them occurring. If we can give people knowledge on their health, they can control their lifestyle in a much better manner. We hope this will help in some way to ease the strain on the UK’s healthcare system and ensure a healthier population.”

Further information, and to purchase the tests, can be found at and in selected retail stores.

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