Top ways to roll out electronic signatures for sales


The sales department operates differently, and most of them want to close more deals swiftly. One of the top ways to do that is by leveraging electronic signature software for sales operations.

As per the reports of Salesforce, nearly 21 percent of businesses incorporate eSignature solutions into their sales workflows, and as a result, there is 6.5 percent annual improvement in customer retention when compared to 1.3 percent decrease among the non-adopters.

Hence, let’s simplify the process of implementing an eSignature solution so sales companies can get back to do what they do best, i.e., closing deals.

Collect Requirements to Look for the Best E-signature Tool for Salespeople

The best way to implement an online electronic signature system is first to understand your business needs. Find out who will be using the solution, like whether it is the salespeople or the business leaders and see if the solution fits your budget. Don’t forget to account for labor and upkeep expenses in addition to sticker amount.

Next, make sure that the electronic signature solution which you are considering provide delightful transactions and meets legal and security measures. The good thing is, you don’t have to select between security, legality, and compliance as long as you choose the best eSignature sales software.

Lastly, make sure that the solution you chose is efficient for your sales department. Consult with the sales department before purchasing the right eSignature solution, as they are going to work on it regularly. You need to know whether they need a solution which can handle medium to high transactions and complicated sales workflows.

If your sales process is straightforward and you are not searching for broad white-labeling requirements, then consider using an eSignature solution that lives on web-based or mobile applications. This tool is easy to learn and comes with multiple features that you require, so you are onboarded in a snap.

Hence, if the electronic signature software you are shopping for is affordable and meets your security and legality requirements, and aids your sales department to close deals fast, then you have found the right one. Now, it is time for you to implement.

Integrate Your Electronic Signature Solution Smoothly

Organizations that transition paper workflows online save money, time, and keep up with the startup competitors who are already using digital tools for closing sales.

Some simple steps will aid you in getting your electronic signature implementation project off the ground and contracts online as smoothly as possible.

Allocate eSignature Software Owner and Build Detailed Timeline

One of the key reasons why implementation projects exceed budget or don’t go over well is due to lack of ownership. Before starting to implement your new solution, ensure that someone in your team is committed to the ongoing success of the project, and has the bandwidth to handle it. The same person also has a great understanding of the sales workflow and some stake in seeing it enhanced.

Project leaders must be responsible for coming up with the date when the sales department will be able to start leveraging the electronic signature platform. From there, they can work backward and plan major development milestones and employee training sessions.

End-users Should be Involved in Set-Up

If the solution that you have selected provides you the opportunity to create the document workflows that you want to automate, include your sales department in the planning. Firstly, the implementation owner must be brought to accelerate on the present sales processes, the type of agreements that need to be signed, and the process for acquiring signatures for them.

Later, ask your salespeople what the ideal document workflow of your organization is. Maybe the sales department wants to implement notifications for quicker turnaround, and maybe the biggest thorn in their side is the time they spend on entering data.

Whatever the end-users’ requirements, this step is all about listening to them and building out the best solution.

Launching the E-signature Solution

If you understand what your sales department requires to close deals, you have been hitting all the key timeline dates, and suddenly it is time to launch your electronic signature solution.

Now, many of your sales team members are familiar with the project, but it does not mean that there won’t be anyone who is confused by this new process and technology. As soon as the solution is live, you need to deploy these adoption tips for inspiring widespread acceptance.

Ways to Handle Your Electronic Signature Roll-Out

Make Initial Introduction Simple

In order to avoid overwhelming your sales department with the things, they may initially perceive as yet another tool to handle and learn- make the rollout easy. Highlight some major features which are directly relevant to the business strategy, call out interesting factors which you know the majority of your salespeople would like, or set example on how easy the new process will make it send and sign sales agreements.

Accept Challenges

Be ready to answer all types of questions like why your clients should trust this new eSignature tool.

In order to inspire adoption, you must make sure both challenges and champions feel welcome to speak what they think and ask questions. Listen to everyone and address questions in an open forum with the entire department to ensure no confusion or resistance goes unaddressed.

Encourage, Implement, and Collect Feedback

Different perspectives are extremely valuable. Collecting and using feedback to shape your organization’s actions inspires system adoption and employee retention. Through the eSignature rollout, encourage salespeople to provide candid feedback so you can remain aware of sentiment, recognize weak spots, and grab the advantage of good opportunities that you may never think of on your own.

Thus, a successfully rolled-out electronic signature system is bound to be extremely beneficial and useful for the sales department and will help in the growth of the company.

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