Reward Cloud Gives Quidco Customers More Bang For Their Buck

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Digital gift card platform Reward Cloud have announced a major new partnership with Maple Syrup Media offering Quidco customers an incentivised ‘cash out function’.

All Quidco users will now have the opportunity to convert their cashback credits into a digital gift card from their choice of top retail brands, with a minimum 5% uplift on their credit value (and as high as 20%).

Through the Reward Cloud’s unique interface, Quidco customers will be presented with a menu of brands with the corresponding uplifts to choose from. The cash out function converts their £100 cash to £105, or £110 credit, depending on their choice of preferred retailer, ready to spend in-store or online- immediately. And for the retailers, the cashback is recycled back into their stores; driving revenue and sales, developing brand loyalty and reaching out to a whole new potential customer base.

Win-win all round then? Ido Padani, CCO from MSM explains; “Our business is built on constantly evolving our proposition to reward members. This new partnership will allow an extra level of versatility when it comes to cashing out, putting an emphasis of providing more choice and value for our members. This is just one of many additional ways we’re currently working to ensure our members have the best possible on-site experience.”

This deal with the UK’s leading cashback site represents how the digital gift card industry is being revolutionised, with Reward Cloud at the forefront of this exploration of new and exciting distribution channels for retail partners.

Gareth Gillatt, CEO and Co-founder of Reward Cloud adds, ‘We’re excited about working with Maple Syrup Media because it showcases how a digital gift card can be utilised in a completely new channel. It proves that a digital gift card programme can be immensely valuable for retailers, dispensing a variable value in real time.’

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