Here’s why you should choose quartzite countertops

quartzite countertop

Are you desirous of having a kitchen with a beautiful countertop? Who doesn’t want their countertops to be made of high-quality materials that last longer? Amongst all the countertops available on the market, quartzite stone countertops are the most preferred ones. The quartzite materials stand out from the rest concerning their appearance, durability, maintenance and finally the pricing.

One of the top-notch naturally occurring material, quartzite is formed when sandstone is subjected to the extreme levels of heat as well as pressure. This high heat and pressure subjecting of sandstone are due to the force generated by the compressions of the tectonic plate movements within the earth’s crust. After the accomplishment of this process, sandstone is subjected to mining and finally sawn into slabs which finally concludes into quartz kitchen countertops.

Why go ahead with the selection of quartzite kitchen worktops?

You can mark the presence of quartzite in shades of white and grey. If you can find pink and hues of red, then those are the results of iron oxide present in the quartzite stones. The other shades of quartzite are credited to the presence of other minerals and thus imparts them yellow, orange, green and blue colors.

In comparison to the degree of hardness, quartzite is more laborious than their granite counterpart. This hardness attributes the physical property of durability to quartzite. It also owes the physical property of withstanding a higher degree of heat. It is mandatory that you stand cautiously with the use of sharp objects. The frequent use of sharper objects might damage your quartzite worktops.

It becomes mandatory for you to seal your quartzite countertop before you put it into actual use. Also, you need to follow its re-sealing process once or twice a year religiously. The importance of this protective sealing is reflective of the fact that your countertops won’t stain as easily along with the penetration of chemicals inside your countertop.

When you think about the cleaning process and mechanism of your quartzite stone worktop, don’t gush in to buy harsher or costlier chemicals. It is always advisable to go ahead with the use of mild detergent soap and water to maintain your worktop free from the inert chemical reactions. Also, it is mandatory for you to avoid the use of cleaners. You need to wipe your quartzite countertop with a damp cloth and soap with a pH balance.

Be careful that you don’t make the use of enhancers or oil bases as it may darken the tone of your quartzite countertop. Once your quartzite countertop gets darkened due to the frequent use of enhancers or oil bases, the damage incurred is irreversible.

In case of the accidental spills, wipe the spills as early as possible. If ignored for a considerable length of time, it might interfere with your quartzite composition and might give rise to irreversible consequences.

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