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A company’s working environment has a direct effect on workers’ everyday productivity and happiness. While picking furniture and other decor items, it is essential that you consider its effect on both employees and clients. The following are some professional decor ideas that can inspire you and your coworkers to feel motivated and inspired as you tackle everyday responsibilities in your office space.

Consider Using an Adjustable Standing Desk

There are frequently adverse health consequences for sedentary people who work all day sitting at traditional desks. Adjustable standing desks can offer one part of the solution to this problem. It’s helpful to have a desk that raises to standing height, which can make it easier for you to stand up while you’re taking calls, checking voicemail or talking to colleagues.

Make Sure There’s Enough Shelf Space

If you’re like the typical office worker, you accumulate bunches of materials that you need to use for getting your job done. Your desk can quickly become far too cluttered with dictionaries, reference books, professional development manuals and computer software instruction books if you don’t have an appropriate place to store them. It’s best to have a convenient standalone bookshelf or wall shelf for keeping these items out of the way when they’re not needed.

Display Your Company’s Mission Statement, Awards, and Trophies

It’s ideal if your company’s mission statement is displayed prominently in your office space as a reminder of what, exactly, you’re all trying to achieve during the course of each workday.

If your organization or its founders have earned any industry awards, you should also consider incorporating the resulting trophies, ribbons, corporate plaques, or certificates into the décor. You might also want to showcase any important documents you’ve acquired such as professional certifications and licenses.

Make Sure There’s a Water Cooler and Coffee Station

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and most office workers also choose to stay caffeinated. It’s therefore mandatory to have an area where people can grab some water and coffee. You have to think carefully about the furniture you add to this space; it shouldn’t be more comfortable than the other office furniture unless you’re trying to encourage people to take extra-long breaks.

Use Room Dividers to Separate Spaces

In many workplaces, people share a workspace with their colleagues. Rather than having rows of desks out in the open, you can divide the space up into smaller individual workspaces using room dividers. You’ll also want to consider using room dividers to separate other areas like the coffee station. If your group maintains a message center and fax area, you could also offset this area with room dividers.

Choose Industry-Specific Wall Art

You can avoid having a too-sterile office environment by choosing some interesting art to hang on the walls. You have many choices for art pieces. If you aren’t sure which ones would be best, try starting with incorporating industry-specific décor items into your office space. If you’re working at a building and construction firm, choose some framed architectural prints to hang on the walls; if you’re working at a veterinarian’s office, framed prints of cute animals would be appropriate wall décor. If your business is global, giant wall maps can provide insight for you and your co-workers as you talk through logistical issues that come up.

These are some professional decor ideas for your office space. There are many possibilities beyond these, so don’t hesitate to get more creative if the situation warrants it; the goal is to make everyone feel happy, comfortable and productive in their workspace.

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