Pets Welfare Is An Important Factor Stopping Brits From Travelling Abroad

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A recent UK-wide survey conducted by 3GEM for TrustedHousesitters revealed that after finances, the biggest factor stopping Brits travelling abroad is the welfare of their pets. Not a surprize, it was already known pets are the single biggest factor stopping people from going on holiday more often. More than half (50.7%) of 2,000 Britons surveyed said they would travel more frequently if they had better pet care, with over one third (37%) taking at least two more trips abroad each year.

Andy Peck, CEO and founder of TrustedHousesitters said: “In times of economic uncertainty, when the cost of travel appears prohibitive, it is an extra burden to pay for pet care on top of flights and accommodation. Aside from the costs, our survey found that 88% of people say their pets are happier at home keeping the same routine than being put in a kennel.”

Also in the survey, 72% of people admit to loving their animals as if they are children, with the majority saying their pets have helped them get through a difficult time like a bereavement, health problems and work worries. In spite of this, only 6% travel with their pet when they go on holiday.

Most of those who do use kennels and paid-for pet-sitters say that they find the services expensive with one fifth spending more than £40 per night. More than 73% say their pet knows when they are about to leave for a holiday.

Dr Scott Miller, best known as the vet on the TV show The Vet on the Hill, said: “Animals do respond to a new carer better than a new environment. Most animals are particularly bonded to their home and the smells that are present there and also the smells of their owners, even when they’re not there. So for me, it’s best if they can stay put, stay in their own surroundings, and be looked after by a carer. And that’s what TrustedHousesitters provides.”

TrustedHousesitters has already helped members to save over £150m in pet care and accommodation. The site operates in 140 countries and has tens of thousands of house sitting opportunities abroad or closer to home for the ultimate low-cost staycation, as well as thousands of house sitters registering each month. House sitters build a trust profile, including previous pet care experiences, third party references, criminal background checks, video profiles as well as being rated by existing members. Home & pet owners choose the sitters who best match their needs.

Peck continued: “Many of our house sitters are retired and may have owned pets previously but are now at a life stage where they don’t want to commit another decade or two of ownership, but they still love animals and want to travel, so this helps fill a pet shaped hole for them. A growing number are in their twenties to fifties and they live online lifestyles, meaning they can work anywhere in the world – but they don’t always want to stay in hotels. And of course it’s a brilliant way for families to have authentic travel experiences that money can’t buy, especially helping summer break price hikes and for everyone to enjoy the fulfillment of looking after an animal that will welcome you into its home while being spared the stress of foreign travel or a new living environment.”

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