Essential steps to increase onsite security for corporate buildings

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Corporations diversify their holdings and business interests across various industries often. With new deals, ideas, and expansions come new security challenges. Companies have a responsibility to protect both growing assets and any occupants that work in their buildings. If your goal is to make your professional protection plan as robust as possible, there are a few things that are crucial to your success.


It makes sense to budget for at least a few guards. Guards provide a sense of physical security for your workers, but they also act as a deterrent to criminals who would rather seek easier options. Additionally, they can serve multiple functions as security experts and limited customer service personnel. These employees will have specific training necessary to protect the area. Most of them will have at least some expertise in how to deal with errant intruders or vandals who may be causing issues.

Physical Barriers

Lots of people don’t want to expend more effort than they have to in order to get inside a building. You might deter untold attempts at breaching your company’s front door simply by installing some commercial fencing around the perimeter. Palisade or links made of intersecting wires are just a couple of the fence types from which you can choose. In addition to the security aspects, a barrier like this can also offer your grounds a bit of privacy.


Some way for you or qualified employees to keep an eye on things is a staple of corporate security. With modern technology, proper surveillance techniques are now easier than ever. You can install cameras that backup data automatically or send alerts to your phone if they detect something suspicious after the building is closed for the night. You may have a lot of areas to cover that are isolated or see high traffic, and cameras are a great way to manage this part of the job remotely.

Carded Access

This kind of measure may require you to install new doors or entry points in your building. However, it is an effective way to ensure that only authorized employees have access to your site. Companies can program cards in a few ways, and you can set different levels of access for people who have varying degrees of clearance for sensitive areas or information.

With a wide variety of threats that could include theft, vandalism of property or equipment, or even the loss of sensitive data, a strong security system is a must for any corporation today. Using some of the tips above, you can create a network of points that form a strong wall of safety around your building, your employees, and your assets. Don’t forget that a bit of maintenance goes a long way. Check your entry points for any wear or damage.

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