8 must-have amenities for your luxury home

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When planning your luxury home, there are several elements that you can integrate to add comfort and style. These amenities will complement your lifestyle as well as make your home more enjoyable and comfortable for you, your family and guests. Moreover, if you choose to sell it later on, these improvements can significantly boost your home’s real estate value.

With plenty of great home improvement ideas to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down your list. When your home doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle already and you are in the suburb, demolish and build is the best solution for you.

Whatever you envision for your luxury home, here are some of the amenities you must include, according to luxury home designers.

1. Floating Staircases

Floating staircases are quickly becoming a trend today. A flight of stairs is “floating” when the space underneath the staircase is open. Risers are absent and the treads are directly affixed to the wall. This creates an impression that every step is floating and free of any suspension.

Floating staircases aren’t just a stunning statement. They also occupy little space as opposed to the traditional alternative, opening up the otherwise wasted footage beneath them. You may incorporate handrails, but if you want to emphasize their open and modern characteristics, get rid of the handrails.

2. Open Floor Plans

Based on a recent real estate study, open floor plans are among the top features that are becoming important to homebuyers. Embrace open rooms and the use of a few walls. You can choose to incorporate partitions, glass, screens, split levels, and panels to create an open layout that will let natural light in. This setting will create a sense of harmony and continuity throughout your home.

The concept of open floor plan consists of rooms that will function as a shared space. Typically, this means combining the dining, living, and kitchen areas. So you get to enjoy an expansive space and inviting feeling of connectedness.

3. Spa Bathroom

Relax away from the hectic outside world by making your bathroom an elegant sanctuary. For a spa-like bathroom, include deep soaking tubs, heated towel warmers, stylish lighting, and steam showers. Also, it should have electronic controls so you can pre-set temperature, steam settings, sprays, and music. These deluxe amenities will definitely make your bathroom luxurious – you might not even want to leave it.

4. Commercial Grade Kitchen

If you want to be entertained in your kitchen, incorporate high-quality, luxurious amenities. You can equip it with special features like large pantries, warming drawers, point-of-service refrigeration, wine refrigeration, double dishwashers, and restaurant-quality appliances.

5. Home Automation Devices

A key component for individually designed homes is the installation of the latest home tech innovations. Having wireless home automation devices integrated into your home will offer convenience, energy efficiency, and security.

With your smartphone, you can easily adjust alarm systems, security cameras, home entertainment centers, lighting, utilities, and appliances from remote locations.

6. Oversized Dressing Room

Your closet won’t just be a place to hang your clothes. This can be the best place where you can display and store your collection of designer bags, purses, and shoes. Consider a rotating garment rack for your dresses, suits, and other high-end garments. For your fine items, you can store them in cedar racks and shelves. Don’t forget about installing mirrors and energy-efficient lighting.

7. Indoor Water Features

Water doesn’t just belong in the swimming pool. Plenty of modern interior designers and luxury home builders are creating water features indoors. They can install a waterfall wall at your entrance or have a man-made river running through your living room.

8. Modern Outdoor Features

Outdoor living areas are becoming prevalent in custom luxury homes, from backyard living rooms to outdoor kitchens. Other popular examples include heated patios, which offer the comfort of an interior space and the beauty of Mother Earth.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your swimming pool to have fire pits. This way, you will enjoy a summer evening swim with a cozy touch.

Be sure to carefully decide on which amenities you will include in your custom home. Modern living combines simplicity and flair. By incorporating some of these luxurious home amenities, you can enjoy your space to the fullest, boost the value of your home, and entertain your visitors in style.

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Robert Allam has had an understanding of Trendsetter Homes inside and out since he started with the business as a client over 10 years ago. Eventually becoming part of the company as a Sales Consultant, then Office Manager, and now as Finance and Sales Manager, Robert has seen the company grow from a small team of 4 to a professional team of 16 and has guided many clients through the process of developing their dream of a unique, luxury home.

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