10 good kitchen remodeling tips when remodeling a house

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Kitchen is one place of the house where you spend most of your time either cooking for your family gatherings or making delicious school lunch for your children. When remodeling a house, the kitchen must be your top priority as it is the most functional area of the house.

Undoubtedly, remodeling the kitchen is nerve-wracking, exciting and exhilarating. Instead of doing it yourself, it is highly recommended to hire experts for professional remodeling service to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Read on below for 10 good kitchen remodeling tips, that will breathe new life into your kitchen.

Tip #1: Build an Island

If you want more countertops to roll out your cinnamon dough on it and need extra storage to keep your new designer china set, then consider building an island in the middle of your kitchen. Nowadays, you can select from varied beautiful designs and styles of kitchen island.

Tip #2: Reuse Old Cabinets

Instead of throwing away your old cabinets, paint them, fix light fixtures inside and install them in your new kitchen. This will save you a lot of cash and your old cabinets will look like brand new. Also, attach new pull knobs to give it a whole new character. Ask the experts you hired for kitchen remodeling service to transform the look of your kitchen cabinets and turn them into a piece of art.

Tip #3: Microwave Placement

Keep your microwave where you and your kids can easily reach and operate it. For instance, for adults, 20 inches above the counter top is an ideal microwave height whereas, for kids, a below counter top set is highly recommended. So chart a mid-way where you both adults and kids can reach it.

Tip #4: Invest In Countertops

If you cook frequently in your kitchen, then you require more countertops. Install them between the sink and your cooking range. Moreover, joining two countertop heights makes baking easy and leave more rooms for kids to carry out their cooking experiments. For the latest countertop ideas, design, installation and placement, it is recommended to hire professionals that provide with top-notch remodeling service at economical rates.

Tip #5: Cooking Range

It is ideal to build a stylish shelf behind or beside your cooking range to keep spices, utensils and cooking oil. Moreover, place classy hooks on the side of your designer cooking range to hang daily use pots and pans.

Tip #6: Design a spot For Your Knives

Having a special space for your sharp knives is extremely imperative. It not only keep them out of children’s range but also makes it easy for you to spot them for chopping, cutting or dicing your vegetable, fruit or meat. Ask your remodel experts to design a beautiful knife drawer that has slots to keep the knives in place and sheath the ones with sharp blades.

Tip #7: Message Centre

Built your own special message center near the kitchen intercom or telephone. Place a bulletin board, whiteboard or chalkboard on the kitchen wall and wrote your daily menu on it or leave a message for your husband or kids. Also, put a notebook, pen, pencils, calendar, and recipe books in a nearby drawer for easy access.

Tip #8: Electricity Outlets

If you have several appliances like ice-cream maker, popcorn maker, griller machine, instant pot, rice cooker, air fryer, blender, chopper, beater, cake pop maker, waffle machine then it is highly recommended to install multiple outlets on the island and along with the backsplash of the kitchen counter. In this way, you will have electricity wherever you need it.

Tip #9: Usage Of Light colors

If your kitchen is small, then paint it in light colors to make it look larger, use soft shades like off-white, cream, beige and white on kitchen cabinets to make them look spacious and beautiful. Choose the color of your wall paint and countertop marble carefully.

Tip #10: Focal Point

Pick one focal point of your kitchen and then compliment it with beautiful, visually appealing, intricate details. Fancy loud floors, flashy kitchen cabinets, bling tiles and busy marble design of countertop give your eye too much to look at. So, just make one focal point of your kitchen and work around it.

Final Word

By employing these easy, yet powerful tips you can get your dream kitchen, which will not only look beautiful but will be extremely comfortable and functional to use.
Reference Site: https://citylocal101.com/10054-best-kitchen-bathroom-remodeling-service-seattle-wa

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