iPhone is the most searched product on eBay in UK

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eBay.co.uk recently revealed some stats about their visitors behaviour and trends with regards to Apple’ smartphones. They’re quite interesting because the numbers are big and make a very good impression. According to eBay data, ‘iPhone’ is the number one most searched for item on eBay in the UK, with sales exceeding £1 billion a year. What’s interesting, Sunday evenings are the most popular time to browse and shop for such a smartphone.

Surprisingly it’s the iPhone 5C – which came out in 2013 – that takes the crown as the most popular iPhone when it comes to searches. The trusty model has seen more than 35 million searches in the past three years as people look for how much they can sell their old model- that’s 22 every minute! The second most popular iPhone model being the iPhone 6.

In 2007, the year Apple launched the iPhone, people searched for iPhone on eBay 16,000 times – compared to 835,000(!) in 2016.

In 2011, the year Snapchat was first released, the online marketplace saw a massive increase in demand for iPhone accessories. Selfie sticks proved particularly popular as Brits were sick of straining to get the right angle, with searches increasing from 8 in 2010 to a huge 37,000 in 2011.

In the last three years Brits have spent more than 830 million minutes searching for the perfect iPhone on eBay, with an average search time of 45 minutes and more than 17 million searches in total. And it seems Britain is a nation of bargain hunters, with Black Friday proving the peak day to bag an iPhone.

In the last year Brits have spent more than 730 million minutes on site searching for the perfect iPhone accessories – that’s enough time to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy one million times.

The average price an iPhone goes for on eBay is £396 – £434 and the average Brit spends £23 on iPhone accessories per year, including; selfie sticks, headphones, chargers and cases.

Today, there are 9 million iPhone related products on ebay.co.uk with more than 5 million items sold in the last three months – that’s nearly one every second! (Including accessories)

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