Internet safety for the young ones

internet safety kids

Perhaps the most significant development of the 21st century is the internet; a convoluted yet amazingly intricate sprawl that has turned the world into a Global Village by connecting individuals from all walks of life from all around the world.

It has made our lives a thousand times easier and provided us invaluable opportunities with regards to academics, business, news, social media, journalism and a whole lot more.

However, it is a fact that nothing as powerful and convenient as the internet can exist without drastic downsides. The advent of the internet has led to the creation of the hacker community, committed to breaking and entering; in the virtual sense of the word.

There are also malicious software products otherwise known as viruses dominating the web, that can infect your computer if you accidentally click on the wrong link and so open the door for the hackers and make them a clear way of entering your device and access your files and resources. But perhaps the most damaging aspect is the indecent content being spewed in all directions, that makes it impossible for your kids to tinker with this technology.

Here are a few ways you can adopt to minimize their exposure to this:


Fortunately, you have the capability to place certain virtual restrictions that only you can unblock. Just like with cable TV, your internet service provider may be able to block sites that contain problematic content for the young ones.

Sites like YouTube already have certain limitations in place where content for adults requires proper registration or a sign-up to be viewed. However, these can easily be bypassed if the child knows how to create fake profiles.

Setting your own online controls will limit them to their entertainment and educational zones with no chance of straying.

You should, occasionally, take the time to supervise their online surfing sessions. It will be a good bonding moment and you will also be able to effectively but delicately warn them about the dangers of wandering where they shouldn’t.

Virtual Private Network

Nobody likes being spied on. Especially on the internet which you may be using as a platform to conduct your business, make transactions, have private conversations with friends and family etc.

Your device may potentially be accessed by third parties who know how to get past the firewalls and read your and your children’s personal data, track their progress and steal whatever information they can get their hands on.

Installing VPN software will disguise your IP address from these prying eyes and you will be able to roam about the internet without fear. There are various VPNs available for download; lot of them free of cost. You may pick whichever suits you best.


This is a must have on every device you have in your family as it will protect them from malicious software programs, viruses and hacking intent of infecting your precious files, or your kid’s ones.

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