ICT resources – how they benefit greatly for teachers

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When you think about ICT resources and what benefit they provide to teachers, we’d say there are many ways where they help them. Consisting of assessment kits, learner resources, power points, Session plans, activity books, etc. they enable teachers to modify teaching quickly and easily. They are the essential tools in a classroom to increase the interaction between teachers and students. Now, let’s see some more uses of these resources:

Benefits of ICT resources to teachers

Increased effectiveness in speaking and listening

Using ICT tools shifts the teaching to the online form. It benefits greatly in classrooms where there are a high number of students. With the help of webcams and other tech tools, every student will be able to listen clearly to the teacher’s voice, ask instant queries and feedback, and thus increasing the effectiveness in speaking and listening.

Interactive class board

When you are speaking in a room full of students or writing something on the class board, students may miss seeing or hearing small details which are important for their revision. However, with the help of ICT tools, you can have interactive sessions with the students as the class board is digitalised. Every student can see every detail through webcams or projectors. And they can hear everything using sound speakers.

Additionally, teachers also will be able to monitor the behaviour of students like their posture, body language, any inappropriate incidents, etc.

Aiding slow readers

Teachers have a big task more than teaching and that is to treat each student equally. But it’s kind of hard when some students are slow learners. So, here you can make use of ICT tools or online software that are designed to create excitement in students. They increase the concentration and attention time needed for a student to grasp the topics.

These digitalised tools are now available throughout the schools and colleges as they offer considerable advantages over books. They promote healthy learning and create a base for effective learning among students. They make teacher’s tasks flexible and easy to concentrate on all the students equally.

Easy vocabulary learning

This point is more related to the literary teachers where they have to teach students new and extensive vocabulary each day. Learning vocab is not a fun task, and it’s hard to remember each word. So, here teachers can make use of interactive dictionaries to teach vocab to students. You don’t have to physically search through large dictionaries to identify the words. With the help of these interactive resources, teaching and learning vocabulary has made easy.

Sentence structuring made easy

With the help of online products like Textease and Clicker, you can enable students to check their work on sentence structuring and formation. ICT tools make the sentence structuring easier.


With the help of many training resources and these ICT tools, the teaching field has revolutionised and digitalised. It enabled both students and teachers to interactive more, enabling effective forms of teaching and learning.

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