How to turn an older car into a modern vehicle with 4 easy installations

blue volkswagen beetle

Did you know that the average vehicle on the road is nearly 12 years old? From tight budgets to nostalgia, there are many reasons to hang onto your old car. However, older models lack the modern features that make new cars safer and more comfortable. Your old car doesn’t have to be outdated though. Bring your aging ride into this decade with these four easy installations.

Smart Key and Alarm

How would you like to unlock your vehicle with your phone and make it a more difficult target for thieves? You can leave your car in any parking lot with greater confidence and worry less about locking your keys in the trunk with a smart key and alarm system. Although installation is a little more complicated, you can also find systems that include remote engine start to warm up your car on cold days.

Entertainment System

Do your kids get bored on long trips, or maybe you just want to enjoy your favorite tunes in high-quality surround sound while you commute? One of the easiest ways to give your car an upgrade is a new entertainment system. Choose your system from a knowledgeable retailer like Car Toys to make sure you’re choosing the best components that suit your needs and fit your vehicle like a glove.

Blind-spot Detection

Even older cars usually have basic safety features like seatbelts and airbags, but the most effective safety features are the ones that prevent an accident in the first place. Make your old car safer by adding a blind-spot detection system. The best part is that radar-assisted blind-spot detection couldn’t be easier to install. Just tape the radar sensors to your rear bumper and hook up the monitor on your dash.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

A flat tire is an inconvenience at best and a danger at worst, but a tire-pressure monitoring system can alert you the second your tires begin to deflate so you can pull over safely. Maintaining optimal tire pressure also increases your vehicle’s gas mileage and helps your tires last longer, which means your tire pressure monitoring system can potentially pay for itself over time.

Although adding modern features is a great way to upgrade your old car and get a few more years out of it, don’t forget to make sure your new components are installed correctly. Some items are relatively simple to install, but others require a professional. Improperly installed vehicle accessories can void your warranty or cause an accident.

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