Top 5 home cleaning solutions to ensure virus-free homes

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Cleaning your home can be your best defense against any viruses that may come in contact with your home. With this Covid-19 pandemic going on, being vigilant about sanitizing your home is the best way to avoid getting infected. Although enhanced quarantine has been implemented, there are times that you have to get out of your house to buy some supplies. This can put you and your family’s health in danger if you don’t find a good home cleaning solutions to do your home cleaning.

Although many people are in panic mode, they tend to forget that the most effective solution to fight a disease starts from home. Now that most of us, if not all, are confined in the comforts of our home, it is the best time to start a home cleaning the right way. Although it’s not a complicated task with what you are already used to doing, it’s still best to have a guide in order to ensure that you will have a virus-free home. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you did your part in protecting yourself and your family.

The Best 5 Home Cleaning Solutions For Virus-Free Homes

1. Find the Right Cleaners

To have virus-free homes, we all need to make sure that we are using the right cleaners that can disinfect surfaces. When looking for household disinfectants, you have to use a home cleaning solution that can kill germs, bacteria, as well as viruses. You will need to have bleach, alcohol-based cleaners with 70% alcohol content, hydrogen peroxide, and other household disinfectants like Clorox or Lysol. According to Healthline, most EPA registered cleaning products will be good enough. For disinfecting your home, bleach solutions will be effective as well based on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

2. Use Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves for cleaning will protect your hands from contacting the virus. It can also protect your hands while you’re cleaning your home. Just make sure to avoid touching clean linens or clothes with it that you are planning to store. You’ll never know if you have already touched the virus since we cannot see it. Once you have finished cleaning the entire house, make sure you disposed of the gloves properly. Yes, you have to discard it already since you cannot reuse them for your home cleaning next time.

3. Clean Most Touched Surfaces More

The most touched surfaces in your home should be cleaned regularly since more people are being in contact with it. These will be your doorknobs, sink faucets, light switches, phones, and even your children’s toys, According to experts, most-touched surfaces can be contaminated easily since it is being used with other people around the house. It can also spread if you reuse cleaning tools without disinfecting them first. Viruses can live as long as 42 days and we’re not just talking about the coronavirus here.

4. Discard Towels and Linens After Use

With this pandemic going on right now, you can never be too safe. We all use towels and linens regularly. You even wait until a few days before putting them in the laundry. But according to some sources, it’s best to discard them after every use. Viruses can attach themselves better with fabrics and can cause an outbreak within your household. Even hand towels need to be placed into your laundry basket after use. It will avoid contact with the virus in case that towel happens to have it lurking inside the fabric.

5. Use Warm Water for Laundry

Based on WHO or The World Health Organization, it’s best to use warm water to do your laundry in case one of your family members were exposed outside. It’s a good precautionary method to avoid the virus to just spread more to all your clothes and linens. You can use your regular laundry detergent with it as long as you soak the laundry in warm or even hot water. It’s also advised to have them dried to sunlight if possible. But if you have a washing machine with dryer, that should do the trick.

The Best Home Cleaning Solution in Your Area

We get it, it’s easier said and done. But most of the time, it’s not easy to keep up since you have other things that you also need to attend to. Cleaning your home can be time-consuming. If you are not thorough with it, that’s just as good as if you didn’t even clean your home properly. That is why it’s best to ask for help when it comes to making a virus-free home. The best maid service dc can help you with your household cleaning. They can provide the best home cleaning solution in your area since they are experienced and trained.

They provide cleaning solutions for your area especially by making sure that you will have a virus-free home. It’s an important thing to look out especially what’s happening in the world right now. Let’s just hope that everything will get back to normal. However, if you still need a helping hand with your household chores, it’s best to ask a reliable and trustworthy cleaning solution. If you have a special occasion that needs your house to be sparkling clean, the best maid service dc can do the trick.


Home cleaning is important if you want to protect your family members from catching an infectious disease. Although it takes some time and effort to do this every day, it will worth your sacrifice as we fight over this pandemic that is currently going on around the world. Since you are an important part of society, you can do your share by maintaining a clean and virus-free home. If every household will do the same, then we will all end up winning in this battle. Since you have all the time in the world to do the cleaning and maintenance of your surroundings, just go for it. Once everything went back to normal, you can always just call the best maid service dc so that they can do the cleaning and disinfect of your home for you. But for the meantime, just stay at home and stay safe.

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