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cheerful home exterior

As we have stepped in to an advanced era, there is a constant struggle to stand out, look unique, grab attention, make your place, be famous and make your identity by any means. This has led the interior and exterior designing of a house to an ultimate new level too. We have come a long way into the fashion industry through the looks of our entire house. The trendy and upbeat designs in the making and decorating of a house has crossed all the old definitions of a creamily, heavily decorated and encrusted homes.

Now the fashion industry has revolutionized the entire outlook and interior of our homes and we are in a race to look better, innovatively unique, trendy and upbeat. Media industry has played a massive role in changing the entire design and styling vibe for the decoration of the homes. People now tend to design the architecture, paint the exterior and interior walls and design the décor of the entire house as per their personalities. The more glamorous you are, the darker will be the look of your home and the more soothing and peaceful personality you own, the calmer will be the interior and exterior color and design of your entire house.

People these days also believe that the exterior of the house matters more than the entire décor and combinations of the indoors because undeniably, the first impression counts a lot. If you are renovating or redecorating than your exterior gets more attention to increase the overall appeal of your house. You also have to put in an extra appeal to the exterior of the house, if you are selling or renting your home because these days, people hold parties in their front yards and can give your house an approval if you have not only maintained it well but has also decorated it to enhance its features.

There can be countless methods and short hacks to improve the outlook of your home but we are here by offering you few tips only that can bring a major difference in the look of the exteriors of your house.

Focus points

To start renovating or redecorating, you need to determine your focus points from a good distance away from your own house. This way you can give useful extra attention where it is most required. Mostly you need to focus on:

  • Front yard: the front yard can be a dream come true place where you can settle to read, paint, enjoy the rain or have a cup of tea every evening. The ambience, furniture, paint, plants, decoration everything should help you convert the entire area into a calm area of your house that gleams and make your house appear more welcoming. USE IT WELL.
  • Landscape: Refresh your viewers and guests with an eye appeasing landscape. This could be a commendable development for your entire house. Mow your garden to keep it in shape and place artistic or creative popping flowers line around the path ways to attract the passerby.
  • Outdoor décor: consider your front yard and your little landscape as your canvas and decorate it to represent the best of your choices. You can paint the pots with sultry colors or hang the flower pots in the front yard, to decorate & enhance every bit of the exterior of your house. Put up paintings in the front yard or small illuminating lights in the corners of your landscape enhancing your efforts on every bit of it.

Wall Paint

In the first glance, what one can take from even half a mile distance, is the paint of your house and your front yard. Therefore, you must invest in it wisely. These days the paints come in all protective layers which are not weather effected and thus may act as one-time cost on your wallet.

The paint in your exterior can boost the entire image of your house and therefore you should try it on some inconspicuous portion first, before painting your walls with it.

The paint options these days also have some texture in them. You can go for those kinds to give a unique look to your exterior.

Dusting / Polishing

The exterior of your house will grab the most attention when it would be as neat and tidy as the interior of the house. It may be a lengthy and cumbersome task but will be turning many heads towards your side.

  • Start with the dusting of the furniture every day, along with the cleaning of the fence and railings
  • Take care of the pots and plants to keep all the broken or rotten leaves away from them
  • Polish your furniture once a year, to give it a fresh an inviting look
  • Clean all the glass of the windows and lights once a week

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