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Good oral health is very important to have a good and healthy lifestyle. To maintain it we mostly just brush our teeth or floss but most recent studies and analysts have declared that some of the food items also help us maintain good oral health. Below are a few food items that can strengthen your teeth:

Sugarless Gum Can Be Very Handy

You can use sugarless gum fearlessly because a research says that chewing a gum is good for oral health. It enhances our saliva production and secretion in our mouth which in turn washes all bacteria and germs away. A sugarless gum is also good for chewing as it boosts blood circulation in our face and is a good health promoter.

Milk Brings Endless Benefits

As we all know milk is highly approved and a fulfilling food item that is unanimously acknowledged to be used for good health of strong teeth. It carries calcium which strengthens our teeth and bones. It can also be used to reduce the acidic reactions in our mouth. But make sure the milk should be unsweetened or else it will become an equally worse junk food.

Raisin Can Be Great

Raisins can be eaten as a snack and light food instead of sweet and sticky candies that are extremely harmful for our teeth. Raisin on the other hand is sweet but doesn’t contain artificial flavour of sucrose which is the core reason for the sweet things to stick in our teeth and nest bacteria. Raisins are natural and contain phytochemicals which helps our teeth to fight cavity, gum disease and germs.

Salmon – The Most Appreciated Food

Salmon fish has so many advantages but since it is rich with vitamin D, it is most useful in maintaining good health of our teeth and also gums. It shields them against germs’ attack and we therefore don’t get mouth disease. Vitamin D that salmon and other big fish have also assist in absorbing and using calcium but still we should not consume too much of salmon in a week. As advised mostly, 2 servings a week is ideally.

Carrots And Celery Are A Natural Blessing

These are blessings as you can easily nibble on them and the chewing of these crunchy foods benefits your teeth health. The munching on these hard but easily to consume salad items can help in saliva secretion in your mouth and as discussed earlier can then wash away the germs and bacteria from your mouth. Their crispness helps remove cavity and dental plaque. They are also good because they have a good smell and thus refresh your mouth and breath. They are also natural bliss as they are slightly sweet and that too without any table sugar.

Green Vegetables Are Too Good

Green and leafy vegetables are so good for our overall health and they are specifically good for our teeth as they are known to have folic acid, which has vitamin B in it that can grow our cells in super fast speed and promotes good oral health.

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