Gift ideas for fans of the horror genre

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Got a friend who can’t wait to sink their fangs into their next horror book? Do they ghoulishly enjoy your tortured screams due to all of their devilish stories and jokes? Regardless of their freakish demeanor, they are your friend. You do what you can for one another, and sometimes, that means buying a little gift, based on something you know the other will enjoy. What better way to show your appreciation to your creepy little friend, than to get them a present revolving around their favorite genre? Here are a few good ideas for horror gifts.

The Gift of Reading

Often times, horror fans get their thrill through reading a good old-fashioned book. You could likely buy them any kind of horror book, and they will be appreciative. However, here are some recommendations. If your friend enjoys suspenseful slow-burn horror, they might enjoy William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist” or Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. If they like something with a little more fright throughout, a good Stephen King novel or works by HP Lovecraft might do the trick.

Gift of Cinema

If your friend is more of a movie fanatic, they might enjoy the film adaptation of “The Exorcist”, or the franchise surrounding it. Or they might like one of many Stephen King’s film adaptations. There are, however, many horror films to choose from. just figure out what branch of horror lures your friend into the gutters, base your decision upon that. You can give them tickets to special viewings, buy the DVDs online, or buy a digital copy.

Gift of Music

Music is a commonly appreciated gift. Like books and film, music has many genres, and horror is one of them. A good old-fashioned turntable and a few classic horror vinyl collections can be a splendid way to give the gifts of horror and music at the same time. CDs are acceptable as well if you have a stereo and no turntable, although the classic vinyl has a naturally gothic style to it that your friend may appreciate more than the music alone.

Gift of Theatrical Effects

If your friend is also into theatrics, there are many costume options, like werewolf, vampire, and mummy costumes, along with accessories such as fake blood, severed body parts, and bloody objects they can hang on their bedroom or studio wall. There are also horror themed make-up kits. If your friend is also a child at heart (or a child in general), a scary stuffed animal or bedding would probably suit them nicely, or a collection of creepy action figures.

So, whether your friend is an avid reader, a film collector, or is more of a collector, there are many amazing gifts that would show any horror buff your appreciation.

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