Gas log fireplaces – the new trend in fireplaces

gas log fireplace

Gas log fireplace is the newfangled fireplace that comes in a host of styles. These types of fireplaces are designed such to look like burning wood. They generate ample heat to raise the temperature within the house to an optimal level. A large range of cutting-edge technologies and tools go into the design and production of modern fireplaces, in order to make them more safer to use. However, the basic objective is to keep a house warm during winter, and in an efficient way.

Fireplace glass is another innovation that was recently introduced in the market for use with gas fireplaces. These special fire glasses are able to sustain high temperatures, without breaking. These emit a large quantity of heat to make the temperature within a room warm, fairly quickly. To be true, gas log fireplaces are being widely used for their many benefits.

Gas Log Fireplaces Resemble Natural Wood Burning Fireplaces

For most of the people, the fireplace is the central point of the home – a spot where the family gathers to spend time in peace, and where guests assemble for conversation and cocktails. In any case, with regards to wood-burning fireplaces, a major part of the heat that the fireplace should create is really lost through the venting system. Gas log fireplaces, nonetheless, provide a clean, alternative way of heating.

These type of fireplaces that run on gas look like wood burning fireplaces, the only difference is the use of gas instead of wood. Gas is supplied via a line that runs directly to the fireplace. In order to start a fire all that you need to do is to turn on a switch to ignite the gas. Flames kindle all over the imitated logs that seem like a real wood burning fireplace. However, with the gas operated fireplace, you don’t need to chop firewood or keep stock of wood ready, to start a fire. Moreover, you get to save the chaos that usually comes along with burning wood.

Choosing a Gas Log Fireplace From Among Various Styles

When looking over various styles and types of gas log fireplaces, you will need to decide from among the ones that vent towards the outside of the house – same as wood-burning fireplaces, and the ones which are without any venting system at all. The only difference among both is the intensity of flame that it creates. Remember, no matter that you burn wood or gas, carbon monoxide will be produced in either case.

With respect to vented gas log installation, the carbon monoxide is vented to the outside of the home. However, with regards to unvented fireplaces, the carbon monoxide and other materials created by the fire are flammable in the flame of the fire – the heat of which is so intense, that it can achieve this task.

Regardless of which one you decide to buy, it is a good idea to install plenty of carbon monoxide detectors all over your house. Because carbon monoxide has no odor and is invisible it can spread all around your property, without you knowing about it. On the off chance that it is able to reach unsafe levels, it can cause serious injury and even fatality to the people who are inside the home.

Detectors trigger an alarm to warn you that an invisible gas is taking up residence in the house. Moreover, it is wise to keep a window open when burning gas log fireplaces, to let fresh air come inside. More importantly, don’t let a fire to burn while you sleep.

Use Gas Log Fireplaces Safely And Carefully

  • Preceding the use of gas log fireplace, ensure that the chimney or vent is not blocked. This swill prevents carbon monoxide to collect inside the house.
  • Sensors can help to a great extent for those persons who have installed unvented gas logs. It is important to install a sensor for oxygen depletion or carbon sensor. These sensors stop the supply of carbon monoxide by itself if the oxygen level within the home reaches the danger level.
  • During gas log installation in your home, construct a masonry fireplace and then use the system inside it.


Gas logs should be installed only by a professional who knows how to install gas lines in s safe manner and who can guide the owners about its safe operation. Moreover, be sure the area where you live allows gas logs especially unvented gas log fireplaces. Nobody can contend that a gas log fireplace can add a whole new dimension to a room – including feel and mood.

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