Top gardening trends that you must not ignore

young woman gardening outside in summer

Gardening is an activity that’s been in existence for ages. People of all kinds of races, cultures, and social status show interest in having at least a small garden at their homes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s big, small, or minimalistic – a house having a touch of greenery elevates appeal and looks pleasing to the eye.

However, as time passed, we are finding less time and less space to accommodate a small garden in our homes. The problem becomes severe if you’re living in a small flat or house. So, the gardening trends see a regular shift in their design, selection of plants and flowers, etc.

Now, in this modern era where people are more career-focused, there’s not sufficient time to maintain a garden. And they are also not ready to compromise on the greenery they could accommodate in their homes. Hence, they search for the top gardening trends they can use to have a small and minimalistic garden. If you’re one of those people and looking for the top trending gardening designs, here is a list for you:

1. Go vertical this time

Do you have a home with negligible balcony space and it’s not enough for you to place your favourite plants? Well, don’t be dejected. Make use of your walls instead. Attach a vertical stand and keep on them vibrant and colourful plants. Even watering and gardening is easy. Use spray watering cans and you can grow your little garden with a satisfying heart.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small space. You can grow this garden on walls, fences, window sills, or an acre of land.

2. A tech garden

Are you a techie and you want your home garden to reflect that style? Then why not select pots that show technicality in their shape? For instance, in whatever balcony you have at your home, choose pots that are round in shape but with stickers like keyboard designs, geometric patterns, minimalistic stripes, etc. You can also go for the plants that are long and straight with the leaves that appear sleek and modern. Whether you want to arrange plants inside your home or in the garden space –you can arrange your tech garden anywhere in your home.

3. DIY garden for time pass

Some people don’t like to keep the same plants or the same design in their garden. If you’re a person who likes to experiment with different kinds of flowers and plants, then DIY gardening is the option for you.

Here, you can try different layouts of the plant placement or you can rotate the plants as per the season. If you have a single soil ground, you can plan in such a way that you’re growing seasonal plants and flowers. One advantage is that you will never get bored of it.

However, proper planning and time are required for DIY gardening to have a proper and cute garden all the time at your home. To ease your work, you can think of having home automation gadgets where you may find one that helps with your gardening work.

4. A garden for plants and birds

A garden seems livelier when some birds and butterflies fly around it. To attract such cute birds, place water bowls at visible places in your garden. If you’re living in an apartment or have a small space where your garden is small, you can try placing them on the walls where birds can frequently visit and make your garden more vibrant and colourful.

However, with birds flying around, you may have to deal with bad smells and their excreta. So, from time to time you may have to clean your garden to keep the sweet fragrances flowing.

5. A low maintenance garden

Perhaps, you are the busiest person at your home and don’t have time for maintaining a garden. Then you would want a garden where you can maintain it without much maintenance. So, for this, you need plants where less waste is accumulated. You will want trees that have a low rate of falling leaves and flowers. So, go to a nursery today and fetch those plants that you can place together to have that much-needed garden that’s cute, lively, and low maintenance.

6. A garden with a purpose

A garden is not just for looks but it can have a purpose too. Suppose, you want only a garden that’s filled with scent, then place roses and jasmines. Or you want a garden where you can munch on something in leisure like berries and other fruits. Or else, you want to grow plants that can repel mosquitoes and other insects, then grow such repelling plants. Having a multi-functional garden can prove to be beneficial both for you and your family.

Grow Your Garden Today

After reading the above trending ideas, you might have one final option that’s ringing in your head. So, without any delay, plan your garden according to space and size you have. Additionally, you can place decorative items like dolls, figurines, etc. For the added security, you can also have a home security camera installation that can protect both your garden and home. Plan everything and have that garden that you’re dreaming of.

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