Essential steps for companies to prevent major asset losses

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Part of a company’s success is structuring itself in such a way as to maximize profits. On the flip side of this is the vital importance of minimizing losses whenever possible. This is especially true when it comes to protecting significant assets that could cause irreparable harm if they are lost. To help prevent this from happening to your company, here are some essential steps for companies to prevent major asset losses.

Put People in Place

Although security alarms and surveillance cameras can help deter some thieves, the most effective deterrent will always be a human being. Having one or more security guards to protect your valuable assets adds the threat of confrontation in the minds of those who might be tempted to steal. Outsourcing this job to a third-party security service can be an effective way to provide this service without breaking the bank.

Protect Data

Not all major assets are things that you can touch. Digital assets are just as important and often more important than physical assets. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your data securely and reliably backed-up using a managed data backup service. Keeping the data stored off-site ensures you’ll still have access to all of your company’s critical information even if some type of loss event occurs at your physical location.

Keep it Controlled

If your facility is too warm or cold, you’re risking both the health and safety of your employees and the integrity and proper operation of your company’s non-human assets. Equipment that generates significant heat when it operates is especially at risk of overheating if the building it occupies is too hot. Therefore, it’s important to maintain at least a minimum level of climate control so that you don’t face major losses of equipment.

Know What’s There

Another part of preventing loss is knowing what you currently have. While keeping a careful inventory is important for merchandise that you store in your building, it’s also vital for the tools and equipment that are kept there. At least once a year, you’ll want to evaluate your assets so that you can determine if any have gone missing. If it turns out that something is missing, then you can initiate protocols to help prevent it from happening again.

Part of a successful loss-prevention program is having eyes and ears in as many places as possible. Therefore, it is important to empower your employees to report things they see or hear, with the assurance that their report will stay anonymous. By enlarging your pool of security assistants, you can be confident knowing that your company’s assets are safe.

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