Do or do not. There is no try.

Do or do not there is no try quote

Why did Yoda say do or do not. There is no try? Have you ever wondered why Yoda said Do or do not. There is no try? Do you feel the same? If you cannot figure it out to know what was happening, this is how it happened, the origin in the Star Wars movie: Luke crashed his ship into a swamp. Since he had learned how to use the Force to lift rocks and stuff, Yoda instructed him to lift his ship out of the water. Luke could not see the possibility in that and even protested arguing that a whole ship was different from a rock.

When Yoda insisted that the difference was on his mind, he reluctantly agreed and said Okay, I’ll try. Yoda became furious and responded to him. No. Try no. Do or do not. There is no try. Luke, on the other hand, doubted his ability or the possibility of him becoming a Jedi and use the Force. Yoda telling him to lift a whole ship out of the swamp was too much to ask. From the Yoda’s point of view, trying was not going to solve anything.

Yoda must have been a strong believer in completely learning the force and if Luke could not do it, then there was no point in giving it a try. Maybe Yoda felt that trying was the same as ‘it will not work at all’. Furthermore, Yoda wanted Luke to understand that faith was not enough; it was either he knows how it’s done or he becomes a failure. Once Luke knows that there is no difference between a rock and a spaceship, then he will make it.

Yoda confirms this when he lifts the ship out of the swamp, Luke doubts him and quickly tells Yoda he does not believe it. Yoda informs him that that is the reason he will fail.

Come to think of it, if your mind is set on trying to do something, could you be setting yourself up for failure by admitting that there is an option of failing? To eliminate the chance of failing in your mind is the beginning of setting your mind to succeed in every way possible.

That is basically the point Yoda is trying to drive home. It may seem tough though but according to Yoda, eliminating the option of failure in your equation is the best option. This is where Luke fails to do, and in return, he is unable to lift the ship with his mind.

Something he could have done if he believed in himself. The point is, Yoda believes that you must believe that you can do something in order for you to make it.

Challenging Yoda quote belief?

Is trying worth it? To some maybe yes but basically the majority think or feel that if you don’t think you can do something, then there is no point of trying in the first place. Does that sound tough to you? Maybe that is what we need to instill in our children.

Could that be the best way of solving the current problems in the world? Whichever your views, people who need a few attempts to start something and get it right are not doing anything out of the place.

In fact, even if you try and fail, at least you will be happy you gave it a try anyway. Do you feel as if there is anything wrong with trying? You should not because it is out of trying that you are certain you cannot or you can do something all together.

You will also be confident knowing that you tried and for sure you cannot be able to achieve that particular thing.

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