Consider these design trends for your home’s exterior

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The exterior of your home may not be the first thing you think about when designing it, but it can be an important factor in making your house both stylish and functional. Whether you hope to sell your home or just want to refresh it, the right exterior design trends not only complement the interior but also serve as good investments. Here are four exterior design trends to look out for this year:

Neutral & Subtle Color Palettes

Subtle wall colors are a popular exterior design trend this season. If you’re looking to repaint but don’t want to cover up all your trim and exterior, consider using a lighter paint color that doesn’t contrast much with whatever’s already there. For instance, if you have tan brick and brown trim, try a lighter, off-white tone. It’ll look like it belongs even though it’s a noticeable shade lighter than what’s already there.

Other than the obvious options of beige, gray, and white, some people are leaning toward more colorful options. However, these are usually in the form of more subtle pastel shades. If you want a pop of color such as blue, pink, or green, try choosing a soft pastel swatch for your home’s exterior so that it stands out without being too visually overwhelming.

Contrasting Garage Doors

One of the best up-and-coming exterior design trends is garage doors with contrasting paint colors. Garages with white (or wood) painted exterior doors paired with bold, contrasting interior colors are an excellent take on this dynamic trend. For example, you can paint your interior door red or orange, or use a fun pattern or color for an added dose of personality. We’ve seen this done on front doors in the past, but it might be fun to try this on your garage door as well.

You can also achieve this look by contrasting white siding with a black garage door, or any other light and dark combination. It’s an easy way to add visual interest to your home if you’re bored of the same old tan garage door options.

Natural Materials

In your exterior design efforts, you don’t have to abandon your love of nature by embracing modern design. Using natural materials can give you a distinct aesthetic that still has clean lines and elements of modernism. Think about using wood in its various forms, bamboo, cork, stone, or grasses in your outdoor spaces. The great thing about using natural materials is that they will look great with minimal effort. For example, stone or rattan flower pots can look great on your porch while still tying in the natural textures of the surrounding garden.

Outdoor Furniture

Adding furniture into your exterior design plans takes your landscaping to the next level. View your front and backyard as potential focal points. Consider how furniture can add not just function but also style to your landscaping. Whether you bring out the benches or include an outdoor sectional sofa in the backyard, taking this trend on will help set your home apart. Additionally, it can make a great conversational space for entertaining guests. Consider a porch swing with matching chairs for a space that is both functional and stylish.

By focusing on elements that are trending now, you can attract buyers and make your home stand out from the rest of your neighbors. It might even help to consult a contractor in your area, such as those at Greenstreet Contracting & Restoration, to see what updates would suit your home the best and fit into your budget. Before you start your next remodeling project, keep these inspiring exterior design trends in mind.

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