10 business development tips that actually work

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No one likes dealing with business development. That’s because it’s a necessary evil when your company is starting. However, this isn’t an excuse to stick your head in the sand and avoid doing any at all! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in or what industry – there are bound to be things you can learn from other companies on how to succeed faster and easier.

1. Be Proactive

Have you ever had someone calling you up out of the blue and ask to meet with your team about doing business together? I’m sure it happens all the time. This will rarely lead to success, especially if you met with them without being asked.

Instead of just focusing on keeping your head down and growing your own business, spend some time looking for opportunities to partner with others in your industry. Reach out to those you have a mutual interest in working with.

2. Don’t Delay

Many businesses wait far too long to start looking for partnership opportunities, which shows in their results. Showing your interest by sending an inquiry or expressing your desire to meet up is simply the beginning of a relationship that will benefit both parties.

3. Keep Learning

When was the last instant you read an article or watched a video about your industry? Are you constantly trying to learn as much as possible about what your competitors are doing? You should always be looking for ways to improve you and your business, your knowledge and even your skill set, whatever that might be.

Identifying opportunities to grow only happens when you’re looking; sales may be few and far between when you’re starting, but they will appear if you’re more informed. Start building a relationship with your industry. Then they will find you.

4. Get Involved

Very few businesses are perfect, and that includes yours. There are always ways you can improve, market yourself more, or even make your product or service better. You can learn a lot from other businesses, and that may be even more so when you’re starting. Try to attend meet-ups or even join your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization.

5. Be Humble

You know what it’s like to be turned down by those you’ve contacted, so don’t take it personally if you get no response. You might have tried different methods or even different contacts, but some businesses give up when they don’t get the results they want instead of sticking with it. Be gracious in how you come across your contacts.

6. Be Patient

This is a business relationship, and both parties need to feel that it’s going to be beneficial. There‚Äôll be times when things go wrong, or you don’t see eye to eye on something. Everyone has off days, and that includes your prospective business partners. Be patient in how you handle these situations.

7. Specialize

It’s not going to do you much good to start out trying to build a business that caters to every area in your industry. This will only put you at a disadvantage because it’ll be hard to develop a local reputation, especially if it’s something completely new.

Instead, focus on the things you excel at. As long as you can package them efficiently and have an easily understandable value proposition, there is no reason why you can’t be successful.

8. Know When to Say No

There are going to be times when you’re approached by someone who thinks it’d be a great business partner. While this may be true, there are just as many red flags that you will need to pay attention to before going any further. You need to protect yourself here.

9. Be Flexible

While you’re doing your research, be sure to take note of the changes that are occurring around you. The world is changing rapidly, and businesses will have to adapt if they want to stay afloat.

You need to be familiar with a good Product launch formula book to help you launch a service or product online. After all, you never know what prospects may be presented to you.

10. Build an Online Presence

Many businesses and individuals these days are turning to social media to increase their reach, but how many have a presence on it? You can’t just start a business and hope that it’s going to grow on its own. Instead, you need to invest in your online presence that will get your name out there.


While acquiring business partners won’t always be easy, you can make it easier by doing your research. Many things go into making a business successful, and you should consider them before you start making contact. No matter which business you own, these tips apply to everyone out there.

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