6 blogging ideas that will wow your readers

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Have you ever sat down before your computer to write a lot but find yourself completely blank before you even start?

I know it sucks.

But don’t beat yourself up about it. We have all been there.

This is the worst thing about blogging.

Going blank while you try to write something valuable for you readers but getting stuck before you even start.

So here are 6 blogging ideas which I use and recommend to use for creating content for your readers on your blog.

Read this list post to the very end and you will never have trouble creating content from now on.

These ideas will not only help you with contents but it will help build a relationship with your readers as well, resulting more likability and trust among you and your community.

Types of content that will delight your readers

So, here we go.

1. How to articles

The Web is saturated with ultimate guides, list posts and how tos but when your content is solid and valuable it beat all the odds.

But there’s something special about hot to posts, they’re the type of content that teaches readers how to achieve a result they’re interested in.

And nothing makes a reader wow other than giving what they want right off the bat.

You should always use your expertise to create solid and valuable content for your readers that will make them know you, like you and trust you more.

So, while writing how to articles, go right to the point, stop writing high school reports.

2. Guide to articles

These are the kinds of content which I think every blogger must create constantly on their blog.

They are thorough, valuable and super user-friendly.

They give results to readers as well bloggers.

When readers get some quick wins form your articles they will want to consume more of your content.

And this will bring you more K.L.T. (know, like and trust) which is super important for any blogger be it for growing blog or selling more info products.

But make sure to write “guide to” posts thinking about your audience.

Are your customers at beginner phase or more?

Is your content for beginners or experts?

Always think before writing.

So, write accordingly.

For example

A sure-fire guide to win at SEO.

A bullet-proof guide for content marketing strategy.

You got the idea.

To learn more about writing a viral blog post please check this in-depth article of mine.

You will be delighted after that.

3. Share Something Personal

Here comes my favorite part.

Sharing something personal with your readers makes the best community.

The community who share their lessons, their expertise, wisdom and something personal together stays together.

Nothing makes people want to know more about you, other than sharing with them something personal.

As we all know people don’t buy from who they don’t know about.

So make users know you more and the best way to do is help them win some quick wins and share something personal with them.

4. Share Your Life Lessons

While creating content for your readers always share your life lessons, your mistakes and your winning strategies to your readers.

This is the great way to be humanizing.

People love who they can relate with so try to make them relate with you. Nobody is a born genius. People learn from actions, experience and fails.

So, never mind sharing your humanizing stories and value packed lessons which can help them win in least possible time.

5. Create a Review

Create reviews of products such as books, services that aligns with your niche.

This will help your readers decide which one to go with and which one to avoid and save time so that they can use their precious time for something valuable and productive.

As mentors are not only for sharing their wisdom but also for making you eliminate bad things form your life.

So, try helping your blog readers eliminate things which can’t help them but cost them time instead.

6. Create a Roundup

In this blogging idea you will share with your audience which 5 blogs do you read.

Which blog is doing good. What’s your favorite podcasts, books, magazines or any other resources.

Share with them about those and so that they know what’s going on in the market place and what is good and bad.

What work is acceptable and can be expected.

This will not only help them know the industry better but also how to thrive their lives and overall success which they look for.

You have to give your all, try everything which can serve them better.

Give away some of your the best materials for FREE and create premium training as well for blog readers so that only the real action takers take action and learn the insider’s stuffs which will transform their life in no time.

And trust me, they will thank you for that.

That’s it guys, I hope you liked it and found helpful.

Now I can say you won’t be struggling with content ideas for your blog. You are now have tons of ideas to work on.

Comment and let me know which one these are you going to work on first?

I’m listening 😉
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Shakir Jamal is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income. You can contact Shakir on TheBlogIncubator or send an email to shakir@theblogincubator.com

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