About your house: Ava Adams

Ava Adams

Are you ready to have a peak inside my best friend’s home? Of course you are! Grab yourself a frothy coffee and enjoy hearing from super talented Ava Adams, a young and lovely actress.

About your house: Ava Adams

ava adams
What type of home do you have?

We bought our first home 2 years ago and it was described as “Chalet Style Bungalow”. It is a 2 storey building with 3 bedrooms and a lovely garden wrapping around the house.

Who lives there and how long have you lived there?

My husband, pug girl Lisa and I have been living in the house for almost 2 years now.

Describe your interior style in 5 words.

Modern traditional with a twist!

What’s your favourite room in the house and why?

My favourite room is definitely my craft room! It is a place where I create, brainstorm, stage photos and simply be myself. It is my little space and safe haven, where I can get lost and not think about anything and just create.

Is there anything unusual about your home?

The kitchen layout is a little unusual and we have a servant’s hatch which is not very common nowadays. We are planning a really big kitchen renovation in the next couple of years, where we will knock a few walls down, so it will all be open plan and exactly how we want it!

What’s your favourite home gadget?

I am not really into gadgets as such I am more obsessed with my movies and videos collection!

What’s your best tip for decorating your home on a budget?

Most of our house has been decorated and furnished on a budget (apart from the bathroom and some key furniture pieces). I love to upcycle and turn something old into something beautiful and one of a kind. Try doing things yourself, shop during sales and invest in key pieces only.

Where do you like to shop for home decor?

I love TK Maxx as they have some unique pieces and good quality items. I also love Wayfair and Achica online shops as well as H&M home section, you can find some gems in there!

What’s the last item you bought for your house?

Last item I bought was a ceramic bathroom set for our new bathroom.

What is your next project in the home?

We are just about finishing the bathroom renovations and decided to have a little break after that. Then in a year or two we will be attempting to do the kitchen/dining room/living room renovations!

Where do you get inspiration for home decor?

I love looking online for various designs, Pinterest is definitely one of my top places to go to get ideas. I also love Home Design magazines and certain home renovation TV programmes. Normally I see a piece of furniture and imagine what I would do with it, what colours would look nice etc.

If you had a spare room in your house, that you could do absolutely anything with, what would you do with it?

I am really lucky, as I already have my “spare” room that I turned into my dream reading room, plus I have also taken over the garage, that is slowly becoming my favorite room for it’s full of light all day long. I don’t want to be greedy, so I think if I did have another spare room I would make it into a snooker room for my husband.

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