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Can’t find the perfect sleeper sofa? Look no further!

A sleeper sofa is basically a piece of furniture that can be used as a normal sofa and also be pulled out as a bed when required. One of the places where you can find a good sleeper sofa is the Ashley Furniture company and of course on its website It can be hard to choose the right Ashley Furniture sofa bed with all the variety available, so here are a few tips to help you break it down.

The first thing you’ll notice about anything is how it looks. If it’s visually appealing, it’s bound to catch your eye. The Milari Queen Sofa Sleeper and the Farouh Queen Sofa Sleeper will go with just about any interior style – whether it’s vintage, nautical, mid-century modern or any other. The Milari Sleeper is quite elegant, with a linen colour that’s classier, whereas the Farouh is a pure ash colour to go with a more modern interior. For those who have contemporary style homes, the Calion Queen Sofa Sleeper is the perfect pick. It’s a stunningly beautiful blue-grey combination with zebra striped cushions. A similar option to this is the Navasota Queen Sofa Sleeper, which is more of a charcoal shade perfect to bring colour to a white contemporary home. It also has a nice beaded outline with floral cushions to make it look ideal in a Scandinavian style home. However, don’t let looks fool you. If it looks good on the outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has good functionality. Both Milari and Farouh are rated 3 stars while the rest of the sofa sleepers are rated 4 stars. So do you research and look at all the other aspects before buying one.

Moving on to the second most important thing i.e. comfort. This depends a lot on the fabric or material of the sofa sleeper but sells sofa sleepers made from 100% (or almost completely) polyester. So far, the most comfortable in terms of sofas seem to be the Bristan, Derwood and Gregale Queen. They have more of a leathery finish which allows the person sitting to sink in comfortably as if they’re sitting on a recliner. This is also a matter of personal taste; some people don’t prefer leather sofas. Also, if you live in an area with high temperatures then this may not be the right choice for you. A cooler interior is a better option, so look for light colours and good quality such as the O’Kean or better yet, the Hearne Full Sleeper.

The downside to the Bristan, Derwood and Gregale is that while they give you a home theatre feel in your lounge, they are probably not so comfortable to sleep in since leather is not breathable. The most recommended sofa sleeper is the Hearne for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a full-size sleeper so that means more space. Secondly, its memory foam mattress with soft polyfill pillows allow for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. On top of that, it has a very modern look with its ash grey colour and style so it’s really an all in one sofa sleeper.

A very crucial thing to keep in mind while buying sofa sleepers or any other furniture for that matter is maintenance. A lot of people may not realize this until after they buy it which can create problems later, and it is especially important for long lasting products. Again, fabric and material will define the maintenance and upkeep of your sofa sleepers. If you have kids in your house its best to stick to leather and microfiber sofa sleepers. They don’t damage very easily and are easy to clean especially leather when it comes to getting stains out. So you could choose between the Bristan, Derwood or Gregale, along with other options. If you’re going more for looks, then the Sicolo Queen is a graceful blue velvet sofa sleeper to go perfectly in a modern or vintage home. It requires a lot of maintenance; you’ll have to be careful not to spill anything because stains don’t come off so easily. If you have pets in your home too, your best bet is an affordable, low maintenance sofa sleeper.

It all comes down to budget and price. Unfortunately, you can’t narrow down your options before you check other aspects because on this website you’ll have to enter your zip code or city to check the price in a store near you for each sofa sleeper. The upside to this is that you can set your heart on one sofa sleeper without restricting yourself due to budget constraints so you’ll know you really want the one you have chosen. Also, since it’s a durable good that you don’t buy every day, spending more money to get a better quality product may be a good option. However, the Bristan Queen Sofa Sleeper is the most affordable one you’ll find.

It all comes down to what you prioritize the most, looks, quality, pricing or a balance of all three. Take a look at these options and narrow it down according to which you prefer the most.

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