A complete checklist for an annual home cleaning routines

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In excitement, every individual plans a bunch of resolutions at the beginning of every year. Unfortunately, the same promises go on repeating year after year. In that lot, we are sure; nowhere you must have mentioned about cleaning your home. The thing is, none thinks about cleaning the home so majorly.

Suddenly, mishaps happen in your house and you don’t know what to do if roof is leaking, carpets are smelling, rain is dripping down from your walls, etc. Do you know, you can avoid all these accidents? Wondering how? Simply take a resolution of following a complete checklist of annual home cleaning routines, and see the magic.

January – Begin with health

Cold and flu season is unavoidable. To kick start your new year, go through your medicine cabinets. Check for expired medicines, thermometers, and obsolete things. Conversely, keep what can be used and don’t have any allergic reactions. Toss the outdated ones out of your home as they are of no use now. And replace all of them with the new ones.

February – Clean the hard-to-reach places

Keeping the hard-to-reach areas dirt-free is like a never-ending battle. However, as February is the second month of your resolution, you may have that energy and motivation to complete it. Hence, find dust and dirt behind the stove, under the refrigerator, and sofas, washer, or dryers. And finally, clean them with the cleaning materials.

March – March towards your carpets

Carpet cleaning seems to be a tedious task; hence, homeowners always skip taking up this project. But that’s not good for your health as dirty carpets can cause breathing problems and infections to you, your kids, and pets (if you have). So, in March, opt for the steam cleaning of your carpets as it is a great way to remove stains and disinfect them at the same time.

April – Clean and sanitise your windows

Though you may find windows cleaning uninteresting, you can achieve your April goal with a little effort and motivation. April is a sunny month; well window cleaning needs the same thing. Sweep the dirt with a brush or vacuum it up, pick up the right cleaner, and wipe it down with a reusable microfiber cloth.

May – Step out for roof gutter cleaning

Until cleaning time comes around, our home’s gutter gets no respect. Gutter cleaning needs a sunny day, so May is the best time to opt for this task. Designate a weekend for it because you will need a friend, various materials, and of course a sunny day. Climbing the ladder can be dangerous, and thus accidents can happen. In that case, there are different ideas of roof gutter cleaning to save you from potential injuries.

June – Knock on the kitchen cabinet’s door

Generally, while performing the household chores, we wipe down the kitchen floor and countertop at least once a day. But kitchen cabinets and pantry doesn’t get the same attention, and all-day, they collect plenty of dust and dirt. June is a great time to remove all the complaints of kitchen cabinets as well as a pantry. So, empty your cabinets, give your dishes a moment in the dishwasher, and clean the inside portion of the cabinets.

July – Organise garage and basement

By July, your garage and basement may get dirty and unorganised. The only way out is to keep items back in their place and remove all the dirt and grease. Also, check which all the items are of use and which aren’t. Throw the unnecessary things in the bin, and even you can donate some of the items.

August – Clean out your closet

The most boring task ever! Still, it needs to be done; right? So, switch on your favourite music and begin cleaning your closet. Check which of your clothes still fits you and which don’t, what you still like to have and what you don’t. In the end, purge the unwanted clothes and donate them to some charity.

September – Wash walls and re-paint them

When thinking of renovation, you may tempt to directly give your walls fresh paint. It will change the look of your walls and home but will still look incomplete. Hence, before opening up a can of new paint, wash your walls thoroughly. Involve your family members and make it an enjoyable and memorable family project.

October – Clean oven and stove

For some, even the thought of cleaning the oven and gas stove kills them. But they help you cook and eat delicious food so, in return, they will need a favour. So, choose October month to return their favour. Clean the loose bits of food with a damp sponge, then use cleaning agents to remove grime.

November – Wash blankets and pillow covers

Let’s face it: Laundry is always not on our top priority list. But we need to keep them in our to-do list as it begins to smell and stain. As winter will be soon arriving, November is a great time to pull out all your blankets with the pillow covers for washing. Wash your blankets separately on a gentle cycle in cold water.

December – Organise your files

As December is a month of holidays and fun, you want to keep the cleaning task simple and short. Hence, simply organise your files and documents. There are even chances of updating your rent papers, car documents at the beginning of the year. Therefore, organising beforehand will save you from last-minute stress.

Everyone is fond of a clean house but doesn’t like to clean it. The key to a clean home is creating good cleaning habits. So, follow this yearly cleaning resolution and kick-start your year with fun and good habits.

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