Airport Parking Spaces Growing in Popularity With Investors

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Airport parking spaces are seeing a huge surge in popularity with UK and international investors, says representatives of Direct Airport Parking Investment. The reason looks pretty simple: while a relatively new type of investment, airport parking is growing in popularity due to the high returns it provides. It’s also deemed to be low risk unlike most other types of property investments. With an assured 8% return on investment, rising to a predicted 12%, it looks like now is the time to invest in airport car parking.

Direct Airport Parking Investment is an established and fully accredited ‘Master Agent’ of Park First, which after just six years in business has already become the UK’s biggest provider off off-airport car parking.

Part of the Lancashire-based Group First family of businesses, Park First now owns and manages car parking worth in excess of £190 million sited around some of Britain’s busiest airports including London Gatwick and Glasgow international airports. Park First has ambitious plans to extend its portfolio of strategic sites to London Luton, London Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham airports, all of which are enjoying significant growth and with strong demand for high quality and secure off-airport car parking.

Here’s a statement from Peter Tomlinson, Senior Investment Consultant with Direct Airport Parking Investment: “The parking industry is presumed to generate more than £12.5 billion annually in gross parking revenues in the UK, which exemplifies the extent to which the airport parking industry is booming. We’re dedicated to bringing low risk, safe property investments to the market, and airport parking is one particular sector that has received widespread appeal, due to its proven success as a high capital growth commercial real estate investment.

With rising numbers of people choosing to travel by air year on year – in Britain alone there’s been an almost fourfold increase in air travel in the last 30 years – airports are seeing more passengers pass through their gates. And that brings with it a significant increase in people needing to park their vehicle in close proximity to airports, in high quality, safe off-airport car parks. The number of car parks around the airports is growing exponentially, providing a great opportunity to investors to turn this situation to their advantage and reap the benefits.

On behalf of Park First, Direct Airport Parking Investment offers investors the chance to purchase individual car parking spaces on Park First’s thriving sites, with an outlay as low as £20,000. Investors benefit from owning an asset which will grow significantly in value over time and earn them an ongoing income, producing returns which other investments struggle to match.

Investors are assured of an 8% return in each of the first two years of their investment, rising to a predicted 10% in years three and four and 12% in years five and six. Park First’s existing investors are already enjoying returns of up to 10.8% in year three, exceeding the predicted 10% and far outstripping returns on more traditional investments such as shares and ISAs.

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