5 tips to add life to your living room

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The new year has arrived and it’s time to give your home a new avatar.

Call the render services to apply a fresh new render on the walls, or call the picture framing service to hang new lavish pictures on the inner walls.

According to you which is the most important room in the house?

90% will say it’s the living room.

It’s where you come to zizz after a long hectic day. It’s where the kids sit and watch movies, and it’s the place where you relax and enjoy coffee with your guests and friends.

Hence, a living room should always be comfortable and inviting. It should also have a reflection of your personality and likings. But designing your living room can be a bit costly as most décor ideas always take money out of the pocket

Here are some ways to design your living room in a little budget but still make it look expensive and chic.

1. Art & Colour

Your living room has to stand out. Creating a focal point before starting to decorate is essential. Decide a mid-point of the room which is useful in setting the furniture and adding the décor.

After being done with the focal point, you can hang anything and everything you want! You can hang a gorgeous family portrait, or small photos of your kids, or even pictures of your family trips, graduation days, etc. You can also add abstract art or pictures of natural landscapes.

A house is made of wall and beams, and home is made of love and feels.
It’s all about the love and feel you put on the walls and the interiors.

Here are some quickies to help you begin with the process to achieve “wall color goals”:

  1. A simple accent wall can be one that is decorated with a different color or a wallpaper. Use the main color as the starting point.
  2. If you are looking for hanging wallpaper, then look for a design that matches the color of the starting point.
  3. You can also go for paint test pots to see how colors look at different times of the day.
  4. Never be afraid to experiment with colors. Now a huge range of paints is available for interior walls, metallic paints as well as soft ones.

2. Living Room Texture

  • One texture for the whole living room can make your living room super boring.
  • Again, don’t fear to experiment. Create a mix of materials and textures and select the ones that will make your living room eye-catching.
  • You can also use glass, metal, leather, soft rugs, pillows, curtains, etc. to decorate the room.
  • You can also create unique yet attractive combinations. Try silk curtains with leather sofas, or throw a soft woolen rug with some fluffy colored pillows that match.

3. Living Room Fireplace

Gladys Tabor, the famous author once said: A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.

  • The fireplace contributes to making your living more inviting, warm, and comfortable.
  • A fireplace in the living room is never a bad idea. However, if you are short on budget, or live in temperate areas, then you can try an artificial fire setup, or even side placed scented candles.
  • Besides adding fragrance and warmth to your living room, they will also add a sense of comfort.
  • Next time when you are planning a movie night with your friends or spending quality time with your loved one sipping wine, your fireplace will create the perfect ambience.

4. Vintage Living Room

If you aren’t in the mood for any experiments and want to play safe, then going vintage is the safest and also one of the most beautiful options.

Add elements like:

  • A little vintage furniture
  • An antique lamp
  • An oversized mirror from the 50s

to make your living room more inviting!

You can go for big decoration pieces as well as small ones like paintings from the old days, antique boxes, wall sculptures, an old reading lamp, or even a small rack for magazines and books!

You can use these 3 ways to add a vintage look to your home:

Furnish Your Home With Hand-Made And Intricate Décor

  • The classical era houses were known for their decorative flourishes and trinkets from ceiling to floor.
  • Carved wooden figures, intricate mirrors, oil paintings, Persian rugs, and heavy draperies can define your living room’s unique style.

Invest In Top-Quality Ornamental Furniture

  • Vintage homes are characterized by their lavishness.
  • Stay away from cheap factory-made furniture as these things will only ruin the antique appeal of your living room.
  • Instead, go for affluent centerpieces that will give your home an air of elegance.

Repurpose Old Architecture To Achieve A Classical Vibe

  • To save money, you can avoid buying new furniture and repurpose some architectural parts of your living room. For example, you can go for sash windows instead of the regular ones.
  • You can consider preserving your original floorboards since they can be effective in giving your living room a nostalgic charm.

5. A Classic Palette Of Colours

  • If you are a kakorrhaphiophobic and don’t like experimenting, then you can always stick to the country home palette.
  • Colors like cream and beige can be used without any second thought in a living room.
  • Add materials made with oak and linen, incorporate subtle stripes, and finish it with an aged-effect laminate.
  • Remember that it isn’t necessary to change the whole living room just to give it a modern, sophisticated look.
  • All you need is a unique decorating style of your own!

Your living room is where you relax and unwind as well as entertain guests. It is a place where you can reflect your personal taste and aesthetic to create a room that is truly your own with all your love.
This article was written by Steve Thomas, a writer associated with Epicture Framing. He aspires to never be too far away from his next art adventure, whether it is in the desert or the mossy forests.

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